An Interview with Lawrence Donini of LawsLair Entertainment Group

An Interview with Lawrence Donini of LawsLair Entertainment Group

By: Maggie Griffin

Lawrence Donini is the founder of LawsLair Entertainment Group, a full service entertainment conglomerate that produces high quality music videos, feature films, television pilots, commercials, promo videos, and all aspects of film and video production.

LawsLair Entertainment provides musical artists with professional recording with professional sound engineers, high quality music videos, professional high grade album covers and posters.

Lawrence Donini provides all aspects of entertainment, including concerts, press releases, media coverage, red carpet events, promotions, video/audio equipment, lighting equipment. To conclude, production crew, green screen stage, television studio, state of the art recording studio, ADR Foley, animators, visual effects artists, editors, script writers, graphic designers, hair/make-up artists, photographers, public relations and marketing. Being a Professional Specialist in the industry of entertainment, LawsLair Entertainment Group also specializes in feature films, music videos, commercials, concerts, audio recording, editing, screenwriting, producing, directing, lighting, special effects, visual effects, animation, photography, and more.

When Lawrence was in his younger years, he gripped his goal in doing what he does today simply by understanding the nature of spotting talent. While attending school, he networked by meeting classmates he knew had the talent to act, sing and perform.
Lawrence Donini, best known as the “Man and Company hired by famed talent”, also is the same man who received a personal request by the music group called the ”GRNTS” to film a Birthday Party. That’s where he met Mo Thugs recording artist, Damon Sloan (aka “Sloan Bone”) and Mo Thugs Records manager, Lamont Mulligan (aka L-MAC). Sloan is the brother of Layzie Bone from “Bone Thugs N Harmony”. Lawrence Donini developed a friendship with Sloan, L-MAC and Layzie Bone. That’s where the road to success began.

Donini states “In the entertainment industry, loyalty is the most important aspect.” Being the screen writer that he is, he gained recognition since the beginning of his venture into the career of film and music entertainment. He encourages today’s youth who have a passion to enter into the same industry to do what he did at a young age, practice by constantly writing and record amateur films with friends in school or even in the neighborhood they live, as he did years ago.

Lawrence found his inspiration not just through his mom, brothers and friends, who he calls his family, but through the calling of performing by a special person who entered his life at the right time. Lawrence, being the athlete he is, use to play football when he was in school. Before every game, Lawrence would take a deep breath and sing a song; his way of asking for guidance before each game. A music instructor heard him sing and approached him. She knew his voice and talent is above playing football. From there, she became Lawrence’s inspiration of who he is today. Her name is Staci Della-Rocco. “Staci approached me when she heard me singing just before I was getting ready to play a football game. Her confidence in me built my foundation at that very moment. From there, the foundation was created through her direction, guiding me to the avenue of which I am traveling today and what I do. She did this for so many people, friends and family, she became a foundation for many, most of all, I have Staci to thank for who I am today”, said Donini.

With Lawrence and his success, of which he is today, along with being well known in the entertainment industry, there is no such phrase as “I Can’t” in Lawrence’s eyes and ears. What Lawrence emphasizes is the phrase that is a must in the entertainment industry when he defines loyalty. The phrase he expects to here is “I Will”.

When Lawrence spots talent, the very first question he will ask is “What is Your Goal”. As soon as he gets that answer, through the eyes of Lawrence Donini, Founder of LawsLair Entertainment Group, he will make a talent of another; reach a goal in the area of the talent he spotted, happen.

Where is Lawrence?
Mobile Phone: 1 310.591.7981
Address: Los Angeles, CA


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