“Boston’s Next Big Thing” - Rocks Paris and Returns to the Lowell Summer Music Series, 17 July

By: Phil Cartwright

Katrin ‘ “Boston’s Next Big Thing” – rocked Paris, France on Monday presented by HorizonVU Music and broadcast by Fréquence Orange. Performing at the AMEX Café, man did she rock. Her sets featured songs such as “Stepping Stones” and “Wildflower” – the kind of dynamite material you’ll find on her new release “Soul Wide Open” (check out SHOP HorizonVU Music for the CD and downloads). In addition to her own extensive original inventory, she added in covers from The Police, Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell which brought the house down. Katrin takes original acoustic-based rock to new and exciting places. Her skillful guitar work and powerful voice make Katrin shine wherever she appears.

She’s returning back home where you can see her at on 17 July at the Lowell Summer Music Series http://www.lowellsummermusic.org/page.php?wpage=home/home.htm She’s opening for Joan Armatrading, and while we know Joan will not disappoint (check out her new release “This Charming Life”), in our opinion, Katrin will give a performance that more than covers the price of the ticket.

Acccording to Mike O’Cull, Riffs Magazine:

“Soul Wide Open is clearly the work of an artist who knows just what she wants and goes after it with the confidence that greatness brings. Though she tackles many moods and feels in the course of this ten-song set, Katrin’s grooves and voice tie it all together and make the tunes go down like a real album (remember those?) and not a mere collection of singles. Indeed, there is enough musical firepower here to start a national blaze if she is given the opportunity to seduce the music world at large. Here’s hoping that she gets that chance sooner rather than later, as talent like this deserves the biggest audience it can get”.

Originally from Newton MA, Katrin has been performing in New England clubs and coffeehouses since 1993. She began singing at the age of three, and started violin at age seven. Her love for songwriting was ignited when she picked up the guitar and formed a band at age eighteen. Her classical and rock n’roll background, give her music depth in both melody and rhythm. Katrin’s recent release “Nature Spirit” has been receiving great reviews- “More than just a local icon. With a voice this powerful the world is at her beck and call”-Douglas Sloan , Metronome Magazine “With a melodic, passionate songwriting style, the Boston-based Katrin is in a word; spellbinding.”-Block Island Music Festival 2005 “Katrin is a refreshing departure from the predictable world of folk and acoustic music

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