Recording Artist Dean Robert Puts His Best Foot Forward!

By: Maggie Griffin

The best part about stepping into a music performer’s heart is actually seeing them in action. With Dean Robert, that is exactly what happened. Having heard he was doing a special appearance for his friends and family in his home town at Praxis in Wallingford, CT; I had to take this opportunity to go there and watch a Rising Star perform his new single “Best Foot Forward.”

Moving around the room trying to get the best photos of him, I noticed two glowing people at Dean’s performance as well as other friends and family. Later that evening I spoke to Dean only to discover those two people are his parents, Ralph and Reyna Purificato.

Dean Robert on stage with B.B.P.T - Banging Base Player Tom (aka Tom Oppelt), not only did he put on a show; his performance put his audience at a wisp in the entire room. The melody sound of Dean Robert, his strong flex to his guitar, combined with his energy, he knows how to bring his performance to the highlights of the nights he performs. There is no doubt that Dean Robert IS a rising artist of music where he symbolizes the spirit in today’s generation just by his voice, moves and acoustic style, being multi-instrumental with a vocals that carry a perfect match sound in moves, rhythm and beat.

Dean opened for Ryan Cabrara last December. Dean's style is similar, yet unique in his own brand that creates an all around sound. Watching Dean perform, my thoughts were "move over Ryan Cabrara and Justin Timberlake - you guys have competition! Additionally, he’s opened for bands Lovedrug and The Myriad.

Dean certainly does put his entire strength in his music performance. Putting his best foot forward is exactly what he does. And the song Best Foot Forward is a song that is often heard on his myspace page along with his live performances. He also puts the feel into what he does, taking every belief and breath in singing and performing.

Performing since a young age, Dean has been seen performing at charitable events, such as Freedom 4-24. This cause is to help women in desperate need to seek a better life and career.
A Connecticut Native that resides in Virginia, Dean’s performances have reached the East Coast with several fans that actually follow him. He is not just good, Dean Robert is great! With his acoustic talented fingers at the strings of his guitar, his finger tips move quick in action on those frets and strings. In between songs, B.B.P.T. and Dean Robert also like to amuse the spirit of the audience. It is obvious that B.B.P.T. likes to perform his base wearing his baseball cap and knee shorts while Dean takes pleasure in his style to the mile in jeans. Like any performer, Dean captures his audience by directing them to a world of entertainment, this time in Dean’s style. As for B.B.P.T. he plays close attention to his base, working his tone to the bone, which certainly keeps up with Dean's energy.

Visit Dean Robert and his newest of songs at, where you can also contact him direct.

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