"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" - - - - 6/15/13

Chris Mascaro, one of my fellow hosts on blogtalkradio's "View from the Lone Red Seat," commenting on Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes' struggles at the plate early this season: "He's striking out more than George Hamilton at a singles bar!"..........TRIVIA QUESTION: The 2003 Cleveland Indians were led in RBI's by a rookie who would go on to play only six years in the majors. Can you name this former outfielder? Answer to follow..........How 'bout 12-year-old Nick Carso of Andover (CT)--who recently completed the professional-level Rev3 Olympic Triathlon? Nick swam approximately one mile, completed a 25-mile cycling course, then completed a 10K run. This is a kid who recently received official notification of a complete loss of his diagnosis of autism (originally at 18 months old) after extensive testing last fall. After LOTS of hard work, Nick now excels in school, is a terrific all-around athlete, and is currently focused on inspiring others/raising funds for the Camp Care organization--benefiting needy children and their families. For more info on Nick and how to help out, go to www.gofundme.com/carsocampcare or visit campcarekids.org..........ITEM: Ten members of Congress ask NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to take action regarding the word "Redskin" being used as the Washington franchise's nickname. I was discussing this with my "Monday Night Sports Talk" co-host Tony DeAngelo the other day. His response? "You'd like to think they have something BETTER to do, say, like balancing a BUDGET or something!"..........Tim McCarver--on last week's FOX telecast--commenting about today's baseball players and their workout regimens vs. the players of, say, 30 years ago: "They LOOK better--but miss more (playing) time"..........Did you know that the 2008 Seattle Mariners were led in victories by Felix Hernandez with a total of just NINE? The team finished with a record of 61-101 that season under managers John McLaren and Jim Riggleman--with Erik Bedard, J.J. Putz, and Roy Corcoran finishing second to "King Felix" with six victories apiece..........Here goes: Legends Tour golfer Elaine Crosby marries N.O. Saints wide receiver Kenny Stills, divorces, marries NBA guard Steve Nash--divorces again--then walks down the aisle with Phillies infielder Michael Young. Rock and roll fans (and those who can remember Woodstock) would surely delight in her full married name of Elaine Crosby Stills Nash Young..........Answer to trivia question: JODY GERUT, who had 75 RBI's for a team that finished fourth in the AL Central--22 games behind Minnesota..........Putting aside/not even taking into consideration his recent arrest outside a Cincinnati bar, wouldn't the average person be ecstatic simply to have the money in LEGAL FEES that Bengals CB Adam "Pacman" Jones has paid out to lawyers over the past 7 years or so?..........ITEM: Former USC lineman Bobby DeMars claims that he was once cussed out by his defensive line coach--Ed Orgeron--for leaving practice early to attend a required statistics course. C'mon, Bobby--REALLY????? A major college football coach putting MUCH more emphasis on athletics instead of ACADEMICS???? Nooooooooooooo.......I talked to Larry Berra, Jr. recently--son of Yogi--and asked him about his Dad's feelings about having a museum (in NJ) named after him. He told me his father always says the same thing when asked about that: "It's great. Most guys who have museums named after them are DEAD." Yes, there's only one Yogi, folks..........Even as summer makes its welcomed presence and baseball season approaches the halfway point, I still find myself often thinking about football--particularly the great Walter Payton. Why? To me, he was possibly the most fascinating athlete I've ever seen. When you combine strength, preparation, talent, CLASS, and statistics, few compare to him in ANY era--and in ANY sport..........Finally, condolences go out to the family of former college basketball coach Charlie Coles--who passed away recently in Ohio at the age of 71; he had a history of heart problems. Coles coached 22 seasons at Central Michigan (six years) and Miami-Ohio (16 years)--putting together a lifetime record of 355-308. Charlie coached future NBAer Wally Szczerbiak and his teammates at Miami in 1999 when they made it to the "Sweet 16" before losing to Kentucky. He was a two-time Mid-American coach of the year and still remains the leader in victories in that conference's history. Charlie Coles is survived by his wife, Delores, a son (Chris), a daughter (Mary), and four grandchildren. Rest in peace, "Coach."