"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" - - - - 6/1/13

*ATTENTION GOLFERS: The Connecticut Sports Writers' Alliance will again host the Bo Kolinsky Scholarship Golf Tournament on Wednesday, August 14, at Lyman Orchards Golf Club in Middlefield. The tournament is named for the longtime high school sports editor of the Hartford Courant and past president of the Alliance--who died in 2003 at the age of 49. The tournament will have a noon shotgun start and a shamble format. Price is $150 per golfer--which includes a golf cart, pre-tournament snack, a terrific post-tournament dinner, and drinks. The Bo Kolinsky Scholarship is given to a Connecticut high school senior planning to attend a four-year college in pursuit of a career in sports journalism. To register, sponsor a tee sign, or for more information, contact Alliance president George Albano at (203)855-8797..........TRIVIA QUESTION: The 2003 Cincinnati Reds--who finished fifth in the NL Central under three different managers--were led in victories by a RELIEF pitcher. Can you name this former hurler who spent seven seasons in the majors? Answer to follow..........Anyone out there catch a glimpse of the revealing, cobalt blue gown that actress Sharon Stone was wearing at this year's Cannes Film Festival? My goodness. Let me compare her beauty now (she's 55) to the same woman, say, twenty years ago--using some baseball pitching terminology: She hasn't lost much off her fastball, still can hit the corners effectively, and can give MANY quality starts over the course of a season..........Oh, and regarding Red Sox in-game reporter Jenny Dell--shame on me. In all seriousness, I couldn't tell you if the woman has talent or not; her beauty is so intoxicating that it's actually difficult to concentrate/focus on her reports when she's on camera. If they ever make a movie on her life--and want to convey her beauty to movie-goers with a baseball theme--it should be called "A League of HER Own"..........A MUST-GO-TO web site for baseball fans/historians/students of the game: www.TheNationalPastimeMuseum.com It explores the great game of baseball through rare, wonderful artifacts and images; one of my favorite sections is "The Bat Exhibit"; check it out--just tremendous stuff..........My good friend/Negro Leagues historian Bill Chapman recently ran into the great Ferguson Jenkins at the annual Rickwood Classic down in Alabama. Bill told me that Fergie was asked by a reporter what his favorite pitch was. Jenkins' response? "A STRIKE."..........Answer to trivia question: CHRIS REITSMA--who went 9-5 that season; starting pitcher Paul Wilson was #2 on the staff in victories that season with a total of just eight..........Chris Mascaro--one of my fellow hosts on blogtalkradio's "View From The Lone Red Seat"--commenting about the Red Sox batters' propensity to strike out this year: "There's no 'K' in 'team', but there sure are a bunch in THIS lineup!"..........ITEM: Bears LB Brian Urlacher retires after 13 seasons with the team. Yes, the time had come. No, Urlacher didn't embarrass himself these past couple of seasons, but at age 35--and the WAY he approached his job--the correct decision was made. In his prime, very few linebackers covered the entire field like Urlacher; his energy level was amazing. He brought a toughness and "no-nonsense" approach to the position that I'll always remember/cherish. He surely continued the fine tradition of superstar LB's landing in the Windy City and spending their entire careers there (i.e. Butkus, Singletary). Yes, it's just a matter of time until Canton comes calling. Thanks for the memories, Brian..........I was just thinkin': If there has EVER been a slower base runner than Tampa Bay Rays catcher Jose Molina, then that ball player couldn't be CLASSIFIED as a base runner; he'd have to be known as a base WALKER..........QUESTION: At this juncture, shouldn't one Orenthal James Simpson be put on death row simply due to the immense embarrassment that he's imparted onto his CHILDREN?..........Condolences go out to the family of former NFL defensive lineman Dick Evey--who passed away recently in Tennessee at the age of 72. In a career that spanned from 1964-1971, Evey played six seasons with the Bears before spending his final two years with the Rams and Lions. Known as an incredibly dedicated/hard-working individual, Dick played in 102 NFL games and was credited with two interceptions and six fumble recoveries. Following his playing days, Evey worked in real estate development and construction. Rest in peace, Dick Evey..........Finally, it's been two years this week that you've been gone, Dad. Not a day (or perhaps an HOUR) passes by when you're not thought of fondly--ESPECIALLY now during baseball season. No one loved the game more than you, and I can feel your presence every time I sit down to view a telecast; yeah, you're right there with me--smiling, eating your ice cream cone, and offering your own unique brand of color commentary. Man, do I miss that--always will. For some reason, I still think you're enjoying the games more than ever in a much better place--and that makes ME smile. You were the BEST, "Big Bob"; enjoy the rest of the season, Dad.