The Music Machine of Irena Hart!

By: Maggie Griffin
Irena Hart is a combination of Pop Music and Dance that brings the message across of what a heart and care can do to make a difference. Born in the Ukraine, Irena moved to the United States when she was 12 bringing with her The European perspective, which as a song writer and music performer, she remains as a fresh influence to her audience. Being raised in a musically talented family, Irena is an example of keeping the treasures and gifts she is most grateful for in her life. However she took a turn in a career as an engineer, until she came face to face with a challenge on Bermuda Road. Today she made a stop at Maggie's Corner, inspired by our conversation, Irena Hart is a Music Machine that makes a difference! Through Irena’s experience, her challenge transformed the way she is making a difference through her music. She published a book called Bermuda Road dedicating this book to the homeless and the children, which is her mission on making a difference. Currently Bermuda Road is in the screen writing phase for an upcoming film. It is an amazing story of transformation and inspiration that Irene heard in a whisper when she came face to face with her challenge. Everyone has a Bermuda Road in their life. Experience compelled me to take a different turn through my heart and my courage”, said Irena.

After Irena’s daughter was born, the gift of life gave her the inspiration and courage to begin the whisper in her ear that she always heard throughout her life. Through this, she took her talent as a singer and song writer, which makes her the performing artist she is today. “Life does equal risks, but in life, we have to have fun and passion for what we are called to do to make a difference. There is no back plan for me, it’s forward from here. I go with everything I have to make that difference, Irena emphasized.

Irena’s daughter inherited her mother’s talent as she too wrote and performed a song to encourage and make a difference for other children as well. Irena tells me “I am like a kid in a candy store, feeling like the icing on the cake, when my daughter comes to sing with me. When I play my music, a glow is in me for days, knowing my performance on stage connects people who are inspired to participate with me when I perform.” There is no doubt that through Irena’s music, her messages are certainly uplifting and clear.

Irena visions the world as a better place when people like herself keep positive energy in anything they do or are challenged with, resulting in transformation through a positive change that will reflect and change the lives of many people in all walks of life. Irena’s mission has no end. She is flowing with positive electricity, bringing out the engineer of change through her music. She enlightens the threshold in those that stand beside her as she in her entirety will walk beside you as a guide in what an inner whisper, such as hers, can do to make a difference in one’s life and another’s. As Irena is about to go on tour, her energy, charisma and vocals speak a clear influence of positivity in the change she makes for others. She walks Bermuda Road and on that road are the footsteps of what transformation is through Irena.

Irena has a visible personality and brand. Through her steps, she has been a freelance reporter for Oasis TV, a Los Angeles based Time Warner Cable TV network. We also saw her floating around on our TV sets and radio stations, appearing as a musical guest on WPKN, WICC, WVOF, SIRIUS Radio, Alive with Clive; and many more. We saw Irena featured in the October 2008 issue of Better Health and Living Magazine as well as the Connecticut Post. She is the song writer for the theme music on a TV show called “Touchstones”, of which she also hosted. Irena also wrote and recorded the theme song “It’s Our Turn” for the Boltwic online community. Additionally, Irena composed and recorded the Harmony4Kidz theme song, “Save the World”.

Irena Hart wants the word out about her Summer Tour, beginning July 4th, called the Harmony 4K and what this tour means to her.

From the words of Irena:

The Harmony4K 2010 Summer Tour represents a unique platform that brings awareness about youth homelessness issues and social responsibility by spreading our simple, yet powerful, message nationwide, advocating for those who can’t speak up for themselves. Harmonizing4Peace at every show, encouraging youth to volunteer and promoting music and the arts presents a means for encouraging the transformation in the lives of many people.

The H4K 2010 Summer Tour is a nationwide tour starting on July 4,2010 in Montauk, NY stopping at universities, high schools along with appearances at music festivals, fairs, and venues every week, will present a series of many exciting events to raise awareness and create harmony and peace.

The creation of community participation by having the participants of every show for Harmonize4Peace emphasizes that together everyone is all in. Reaching out to help one another creates peace and harmony in thousands of lives, helping and caring will create a change for the better.

Events include: filming a documentary entitled “How To Save The World”, one or more professional speakers, featuring local bands, motivational speakers, and cultural performances, aligning socially conscious organizations.

Building upon the success of our previous Peace Concerts held since 2007, the first taking place on September 21st 2007 in Union Square Park NYC (see for details), the H4K 2010 Summer Tour is gaining national recognition.

For Every $500 donated Harmony4kidz can send a homeless child to a summer camp for a week.

Irena Hart, the Founder and a singer/songwriter who plays all original music with her group, Heart Strings, is scheduled to begin the tour on July 4th, 2010. The tour will travel from Montreal to New Orleans. In August, the Midwest/West Coast of the tour begins in Jackson, Wyoming and will end in Los Angeles. To include this tour will be documented on film.

Visit and meet Irena!

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