Lorelei Loveridge Performs Last Time in U.K. Before Departure for Qatar

By: Phil Cartwright

Earlier today we had a chance to touch base with our world travelling songwriter, friend and long-time HVUM supporter, Lorelei Loveridge. Performing for the LAST time in the UK…this world traveller is leaving for the land of milk and honey or, rather, (to a songwriter who’s spent her last coin on touring the UK for awhile) oil and money: Doha, Qatar.
Performing for the last time in three years in the UK, after touring top to bottom from the south of England to northern Scotland, world traveller and Manchester-based artist Lorelei Loveridge brings her marvellous entourage of regular and guest musicians to Liverpool Acoustic Live THIS FRIDAY AT 8 PM in the View Two Gallery on Matthew Street for a marvellous celebration of life on the edge…in story and song.

Friday, June 25th
View Two Gallery
23 Matthew Street
Liverpool, U.K.
Doors: 8 PM • Music: 8:30

A Canadian artist, Loveridge lived for 11 years in Saudi Arabia from 1996 to 2007, then moved to the UK to launch a 4-year, 15-song albumproject that has been praised far and wide by many including Tracy Chapman’s producer and a 35-time Grammy award winner who has played with the cream of the crop in the world of rock and roll. She’s been touring festivals, folk clubs, urban acoustic nights. Loveridge chaired a panel this past autumn on ‘adventures in world music at Womex in Copenhagen, Denmark. After losing her fortune on the stock market during the credit crunch and spending the rest to zero while touring the UK, Loveridge is giving one last nod to the UK music scene in Liverpool this Friday…then hi-tailing it to the land of oil and money, camel’s milk and honey…to embark on new adventures (one way to keep thriving as a songwriter while the music industry sorts itself out).

Many can see what’s special here, but it’s only those who partake of the experience that get to hear it up front and personal with Lorelei at her shows. She tells the tales of all kinds of marvelous adventures – her on the rooftop of a house in India next to the Ganges River watching the kite-runners, in the Himalayas of Nepal among the sarangi players, caught up in the earthquake in a Chinese mansion in Malaysia prior to the Asian tsunami in 2004, on the run from Beirut to the Syrian border in a taxi as the Israeli warplanes were bombing every bridge in Lebanon. These are stories put into song and told with a musical richness brought out by a squadron of 7 other players this night:

From Loveridge’s own band with its signature sound (searing 3-part vocal harmonies and warm, roots-driven music) – The Harem:
Zoe Mulford – the American with the Appalachian banjo, also on vocals and percussion
Debbie Busby – belly dancer and darbuka (Arabic hand drum) player

From one of the hottest new Manchester bands to emerge on the scene (they’re in the Royal Northern College of Music…and they’re going places), The Red Room Band:
Jennifer Langton – vocals
Dan Brew – guitar
Mike Sneyd – bass
Alex Tod – drumkit

And there’s Yorkshire wonder Caspar Haslam (also a student at RNCM, but don’t let that fool you…he’s hot) on percussion and the cajon (box) hand drum.

A rich tapestry of sound (folk, Latin, Arabic, jazz…searing vocals…the warmth of a little pop-rock) is what Loveridge brings to the stage with this lineup in a celebration of her time in the UK…AND…she’ll be singing not only about her time abroad but also about her recent mishap with a car thief in Manchester this past spring.

Don’t miss this show. Last of the UK until at least next year. Loveridge, also an avid leader in the music industry and founder of Performing Songwriters United Worldwide (PSUW) with its 3000+ members, is moving to Doha, Qatar this August where her travels are sure to continue and from where she’s turning her sights to touring North America and other international destinations. All of our very best wishes go with you, Lorelei. Come back and see us soon!

She is available for interviews, pre and post show until Loveridge departs August 27.
+44 (0)796 416 7353 or info@orderlybazaar.com

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