"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" - - - - 8/3/13

Yankees broadcaster David Cone--commenting recently regarding a manager's dilemma of sending a closer into a game if a starter has pitched a masterpiece for 8 innings--with a low pitch-count (i.e. TB's Chris Archer's gem on 7/27 vs. NY): "When a pitcher is going THAT good, sometimes it's best for a manager to just sit on his hands."..........TRIVIA QUESTION: The 1998 Houston Astros--who won over 100 games under manager Larry Dierker--had three players on the squad with 100 or more RBI's. Can you name this trio? Answer to follow..........It TOTALLY blows my mind that Bruce Chen is still pitching in the major leagues (his 15th season) while continuously throwing a belt-high, 84 mile-per-hour fastball..........I had the immense honor/privilege of interviewing Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson last week--a man who played 11 years in the NFL and carried the ball almost 3,000 times in his career for more than 13,000 yards. I asked him about the toll it took on his body--and if there is ANY way a football player can play the game more than a few years and come out "unscathed" health-wise: "Impossible. I don't care if you played just TWO years, it's just impossible because it's such a brutal sport--just too physical. Do I have problems? Most definitely. I have a bad back, I can't walk long distances, memory problems, bad shoulder, and I can't sleep at night. And people ask me if I'd let my son play football when he gets old enough. I tell them if he decided not to play, I would NOT push it on him. I would simply tell him what I know about the game and how rough it is."..........Anyone out there catch some of the photos of lovely actress Sharon Stone (yes, she's 55, folks) in the summer issue of "New You" magazine? Geez, and I used to think that Steve Carlton's slider was the ultimate thing of beauty.........Keith Hernandez--commenting last week on a Mets telecast vs. K.C.--used a new term for the bases being loaded: He said the bases were "intoxicated"..........Another great cause that incorporates fitness: The 2013 Walking Miles For Epilepsy will be held on Saturday, September 14th (rain date 9/15), at Eisenhower Park in Milford (CT). This is just another in a line of events hosted by the Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate aimed at building awareness about epilepsy. It will last from 12:00 noon until 3 PM; parking is free and the trail walk will be followed by food and drinks afterward. The entry fee is $20 per person; general donations of ANY amount are always welcomed. For more information on this great event, log onto www.ct-ea.org..........Here goes: European basketball player Georgia Jones marries MLB pitcher John Maine, divorces, marries Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana--divorces again--then walks down the aisle with Lowell Spinners outfielder Jose Colorado. Fans of U.S. geography would surely enjoy her full married name of Georgia Maine Montana Colorado..........On "Thursday Night Tailgate" (blogtalkradio) last week, my co-host Chris Mascaro asked "super-agent" Leigh Steinberg if any of his clients--during contract negotiations--ever asked for exorbitant money that made him scratch his head. Steinberg: "Only ALL of them"..........Answer to trivia question: MOISES ALOU (124), JEFF BAGWELL (111), and DEREK BELL (108)..........Finally, condolences go out to the family of Mr. Anthony Coscia of Derby (CT)--who passed away recently at the age of 91. Tony was a devoted member of the "Silver Sluggers" Baseball Club--a discussion-based group that continues to meet each Thursday during baseball season in southern Connecticut. I'll never forget the kind, gentle nature possessed by this man; I was always fortunate to sit next to him at the meetings. He'd smile as soon as I entered the room--ALWAYS asking, "How ya doing?!" and then offering the latest news on his entire family; I always felt like he was a "second Dad" to me while I was in his presence. A veteran of the Army Air Corps during WWII, he toiled in a factory for years in order to support his family. A very spiritual man as well, he was incredibly active in the St. Mary's Church--serving as an usher for over 35 years. Finally, Mr. Coscia flat-out LOVED baseball--particularly the NY Yankees--and grew up watching some of the greatest players who ever lived (Gehrig, DiMaggio, etc.). I'll truly miss his stories, his laugh, and--above all--his COMPANY. May Mr. Anthony Coscia rest in peace.