High Energy Country Star Singer Carla Jo Carr Keeps the Music Live.

By: Maggie Della Rocco - Griffin

Photos Credit: Darryl Carr

From Connecticut to Nashville, TN - being introduced to The Carla Jo Carr, grammy nominated Country Singer, through Phil Cartwright of http://www.horizonvumusic.com/ continues to be an absolute honor.

Thrilled to meet and speak to Carla direct, what a wonderful afternoon it was talking to her. Pure at heart, she is what defines a pure hit wonder - and one who gravels within her music roots, with energetic sounding that is above the expected as a music artist.

When I think of powerful vocals mixed with energy, I think of Carla, a small town girl from Nashville, Tennessee - who continues to fame the stage and loves delivering her music to all her fans across the United States. Born and bred with the given talent of music since she was a tot, and coming from a musical family, she certainly does extend her energy in all her performances, along with her up-beat personality. Most of all, you can feel the energy of her music through her CD's, listening to every verse and most of all deep meaning behind every song she sings.

Carla Jo has performed with other top country and gospel music artists such as Jimmy Dickens, Dale Reeves, Lee Greenwood, Robbie McDowell, Con Hunley, Jack Green, Chet Atkins, Confederate Railroad, Gold City, Jeff Steel, Perry Sisters, Heriline and Michael Combs. Prior to, Carla Jo sang in the Country Express Band that also included her father - Roy Leamon and her older brother - David Leamon "Bubba".

With so much more from a girl crowned 1981 Teen Tennessee talent winner. But in 1983 she took the crown in the National Title. Winning the Tennessee and National Teen Pageant afforded Carla Jo is when the journey for Carla performing throughout the country began. One special performance that continues to remain dear to Carla Jo was the time she performed at The International Special Olympics in Baton Rouge, LA. Today, she continues to perform the National Anthem at her hometown Special Olympics every year.

In 1984, Carla Jo recorded her first album "A Country Girl’s Dream", the same year she married her husband - Darryl Carr. Her family roots continue, being a Mom to two sons; Joseph and James. Holding titles of wife, mother, and the foundation of a home - Carla also performed gospel music expressing her spiritual and moral side she has and always will hold throughout her music career as professional music artists. And with a strong, energetic voice - Carla Jo has more insight of what music is - she brings it to light from all she is inside and out.

"I have a passion for the love of music. Every song I do, takes in the heart of someone's life" - Said Carla Jo. Carla Jo continues - "For example, the song I just recorded "You Will Survive" that delivered a message to the younger generation that things do change and when you get to that point - there is good in everyone and everything they do". There is no reason to be down all the time, it's important to remain positive in your life, spreading a little sunshine in your own life that is a positive influence on anyone's life and in the lives' of others."

Talking to Carla, nothing stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She takes the positive side of her and delivers it. Reaching through her faith, she can take a challenge and turn it into a beautiful experience for others and for her family. "If you have a dream, that dream never goes away. Stay on the right path and never take a detour - just move forward", said Carla Jo.
"My roots and my passion will always be within me, from Gospel to Country Music. Projecting my music to others is based on making a difference for others, to understand what the gifts God gives us, having faith in God is what leads me to continue to grow to make a difference for other people for all that I do, who I am and the songs I sing and perform, " said Carla Jo.

"God Is Still the One" is a gospel album in 1997, which ranked #5 in Country Gospel Music Group US Gospel News Charts. Following she signed with Turner Music Group and recorded another album called "Victory is Mine". Carla ranked the top 80 of the Singing New Charts. Carla Jo also performed at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY three years in a row. To conclude, Carla Jo recorded a list of her favorite songs, but one that remains to my memory is a Christmas song called "From Our House to Yours". Excited to hear this, I looked at the CD and saw Carla Jo's name, singing a song that also was sung by Barbara Mandrell - who is one of Carla's inspirations.
When Carla Jo signed with Morning Star Records and Century II Promotions in Nashville, she recoded and album through them called "Come Take My Hand." A single, "Because of Your Mercy" went to be nominated for a Grammy. At that time Eddie Crook was the producer of that project and known at that time as one of the top producers of Gospel Music. "Being nominated for a Grammy was of great honor to me", said Carla Jo.

The inside life of Carla Jo Carr is what faith and unity is all about too. She is a Wife and a Mother and as the music artist she is climbed to fame - she always will talk about the importance of family. "As my children grew into their teen years, I respected them as their mother that they wanted a life of their own. This meant, although I was traveling when they were teens, to my sons they preferred to have their teen years without a "Home-Schooled" atmosphere. They learned from Darryl and me, but also from interacting with their own piers. Family is first to me and I am proud to say that people who know me in my music career know my family is the core to my entire being", Carla Jo emphasized.

Currently, Carla is in the process of completing a new project with 78 RPM Music, Producer Bernie Faulkner (former member of Exile). Completing 12 tracks, the release date and title will be announced in May 2012. Today, Carla travels and performs with The Silver Wings Band, going strong performing LIVE, seeing her energetic performance at festivals and fairs. When I want to hear Carla Jo Carr, I go on http://www.carlajocarr.com/ and download her tunes - such as my many favorites, and a top Country Hit Song by Carla Jo Carr called "More Sunshine Than Rain" - Check it out:


CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/carlajocarr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarlaJoandtheSivlerWingsBand
Website: http://www.carlajocarr.com/
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