Two years have gone by when one of the world's greatest entertainers suddenly became gone too soon.

By: Maggie DellaRocco-Griffin: 8/29/2011

It's hard to believe two years have gone by when one of the world's greatest entertainers suddenly became gone too soon. Listening and growing up to his music and the talent of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five, writing not one, but two memorials upon his passing, and upon request, was a grasp in looking back at the reflections of his music - and the love I still have for the gift of his music he gave the world. Speaking to people who worked closely to Michael Jackson when writing in memory of him, will always be an honorable gift for me as I stepped into the heart of Michael Jackson myself. It still embraces me with honor to write about the Man who visioned a change in the world, making it a better place for all. He was mis-judged terribly, all because of his heart, talent and love for people. Yet he still remains a legend in music and a man of honorable humanitarians, that is still alive today, resulting in Michael will always be there as you will see when you continue to read below.

Michael J. Jackson, born August 28, 1958 in Gary, Indiana to Katherine and steel worker Joseph Jackson, made his entry into the world. Since, he never stopped to get enough.

Coming from a large family of sisters and brothers, Michael grew up in a small home, knowing a vision both his parents had. This vision was a to musically perform, resulting in each family member in the Jackson family succeeding a dream into a reality. Michael Jackson lived this dream since a young age when he sang at his school’s talent show a song called “Climb Every Mountain”. At that moment his mother looked at his father and said “The Jackson 4 has just become the Jackson 5”.

From the first hit single “Got To Be There” to “Thriller”, The Jackson's Grammy awards is a combination of Michael’s work. Michael felt the rhythm in songwriting. Creator of the Moon walk when feeling his work for the best of "Billie Jean" Jackson also became the best Pop Vocal performer when bringing out "Thriller.” If you listen to all his music, he is sending a message to millions. For example the song “I just can’t stop loving you”.

Michael cared about humans, animals, earth’s natural gifts. He brought out that message to people that people are one and to take the time and stop to notice all the best things life has. One of his make-up artist, Debra Davidson, mentioned to me last year: “Michael had a message to the world that we have a 3 year "window” to reach out and heal before it’s too late. Ironically his message was and will be delivered far more profoundly thru his death than thru the tour he desired as a platform for the message to be told”. That message was a part of his last tour “This Is It”.

Being the perfectionist Michael Jackson was, through his work, his perfection continues to live, leaving him remaining alive to those in his family and to others that surround him, including his fans. Michael opened doors for people in all walks of life, giving the world inspiration of music.

The famous White Glove that became one of Michael’s trademarks was actually the idea of his brother Jackie where Michael wore one and Janet wore the other while on stage. Michael said once to the media, “It was shiny, but he loved it”. That glove still remains as the Michael Jackson Trademark when moon walking the dance he created with his hit single “Billie Jean”.

It appeared clear that in Michael, his music naturally flew within him. Where is that flow now? His music flows in millions of people around the world, a world that Michael never gave up hope that one day, there will be no hate. King of Pop, gone too soon, the world became in a global mourning as millions grew up with him, his family and the music of the Jackson Family.

Two years ago, I interviewed his nurse who cared for him at the burn center in 1984, Kathy McGrath, after Michael’s burn injuries during the making of a commercial, who is still a fan of Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5, never dreamed that she would be assigned his nurse. She saw and felt the heart of Michael Jackson, how he cared so much about the welfare of other people, feeling the need to put the needs of others before his own. At that time she took care of him, McGrath told me during that time “he was at the height of his career” as she was showing me personal photos and letters from Michael to her. On the back of a poloroid photo ,where nurse McGrath and 2 other staff members stood to care for Michael at the burn center was a note Michael wrote that said: "Thank you very much, I love you Love Michael". Michael was both a man of appreciation and compassion. And although he is in a better place, he still is. That knowledge comes through his song “You Are Not Alone”.

Michael Jackson, a smooth, just can’t stop to get enough loving through his music that can’t be beat; we continue to rock with a thrilling man that made a difference in this world by the way he makes us feel. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white; he made that clear in a song. A man who succeeded in opening a door, along with his family, proved victory became reality by making what was vision into a dream, knowing his family and he will be there, never leaving each other alone. He felt if you want to make this world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change. No message can be any clearer.

Below is a few examples of Michael Jackson making a difference for others, resulting more magic in Michael as stated in my column in 2009:

-In 1984 he donated 1.5 million dollars to the burn center.

-In 1984 he donated proceeds from The Victory Tour to charities.

-In 1985 he wrote “We Are The World” & organized a musical community to be a part of raising millions of dollars for Famine relief.

-Jackson donated 100% of proceed from the song “Man in the Mirror to charity.

-Jackson permitted free admission to underprivileged people to his BAD concerts.

-From 1985 to 1990 he donated $500,000 to the United Negro College Fund.

-Michael was honored by President Bush as “Artist of the Decade”

-Heal The World Foundation, a charity that allowed underprivileged children to ride theme park rides.

-Dangerous concert profits went to charity.

-He publicly pleaded for help in more HIV/AIDS research.

-He teamed up with Luciano Pavarotti for charitable work.

-He is in the Guinness Records for the support of charities.

-Michael Jackson and Friends Benefit Concerts.

-Benefit concerts to support the victims and their families from the tragedy of 9/11.

Michael Jackson was and still is a Natural Born Leader. He is an excellent example of what a gift that he was born to do, can do for others and the difference a gift within can make in another person’s life. Michael loved being on the stage, knowing his fans will exhale with emotions from one of the most talented people who ever lived.

The hard work Michael and his brothers grew into the Fame of The Jackson 5, Michael absorbed the talents of his brothers and created his own brand. Although their father worked them hard, the family values of Michael and the Jackson Family remained within all of them by their mother Katherine Jackson. The Jackson 5, being young and unique and talented, it was hard for Motown Records to pass them up. At 10 years old, Michael Jackson and his brothers scored the first group in history to have their first 4 singles to hit Number 1. Michael, being the 5th son of Joseph and Katherine Jackson, is the same Michael who’s album “Thriller” won 7 Grammy awards.

Michael always had a mind of his own, conveying emotion in his vocals, knowing where all his songs brought to his fans, a message with a beat of soul. Singing through his heart, he routine which numbers went where. In front of an audience he knew exactly what his audience wanted and when to do it. Now, through his music, the Heart of Michael Jackson and the courage with his faith to make a difference by conveying a message to make a change, continues to Beat On.

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In Memory and Honor

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