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Rebecca Nobrega, HorizonVU Music

Rebecca Nobrega and “Rebecca’s Creations…” is a regular, bi-weekly column. Rebecca was born in Toronto, Ontario. Her interests which include marketing, design, and of course, styling. She keeps a close listen and watch on the Indie music and fashion scene . She loves working and always strives for success.

Samantha Savage Smith from Alberta is a very talented Indie musician on rising toward her dream. With success

Samantha Savage Smith

Samantha Savage Smith

already under
her belt, she is more than well accomplished in music and has a natural ability when performing. Indie music is easily defined whether it is by the music itself or the fashion that goes along with it. An artist’s individualism is not only represented through their music, but through themselves and their sense of style. Just like music, fashion is a form of art, creativity and self-expression. It offers the opportunity to create your own style and be whoever you want to be. As shown in the pictures, one is able to observe how Samantha displays her herself and individualism through her ensemble. She has more of a softer edge. She wears an assortment of prints and textures, but also is very simple. Her style is very sweet and youthful. We can see this in her performance at EPCOR CENTRE’s TransCanada Alberta Music Series in 2010.

Many people think that with fashion and dressing really nice consists of spending a lot of money. But in reality, trying to manipulate a look can be achieved in a very adorable way. The Indie style is unique as it has the artist’s or person’s own personal touch. Not only that, but it is also hipster. Now, when you desire to achieve the “Indie Style” like Samantha, you look at pieces that are more soft and less edgy. Also, it is very easy to do on a budget! When going to purchase out clothing, one must always keep in mind that even though they are trying to achieve someone else style, they must have their own personality in it! Be positive and open minded because confidence and time are what I takes to transform into any look.

An outfit consists of many parts whether it’s the shirt one chooses to wear to the shoes they decide to goes with it. More baby doll or looseswaying tops would most definitely work for this look. For the Indie look, tanks or loose off the shoulder tops would definitely work. Flattering simple dresses fit this look as well, as they are soft and sweet. All these do not have to be just one solid colour, but could have some trendy prints. Also one thing to stress, is the shirts do not have to be skin tight to be very flattering and tasteful. These pieces can also be paired with any jean or pair of leggings. Cardigans are pieces that everyone should own-in many styles, textures, prints and colours as well. Accessories and footwear are big components to any fashion. Leather boots add edginess or casualness to an outfit depending on ones choice of style of colour. Flat shoe is also good for this look as it adds a sense of simplicity. Every one including Indie artists should have a wife range of variety of accessories. Samantha is seen wearing chunkier and bulkier jewellery, but she chooses to mix it with simpler pieces as well. Her taste in jewelry is more vintage and will add a really nice touch to an outfit. So, if you wish to achieve a very Indie and fashionable look like Samantha go for it! But remember to include your own self-expression. Be sure to have fun with it and when wearing it, strut with confidence!

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