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Rebecca Nobrega, HorizonVU Music

Rebecca Nobrega and “Rebecca’s Creations…” is a regular, bi-weekly column. Rebecca was born in Toronto, Ontario. Her interests which include marketing, design, and of course, styling. She keeps a close listen and watch on the Indie music and fashion scene . She loves working and always strives for success.

Maura Kennedy is a Pop/Indie/Rock artist who is beyond talented. While keeping up a busy schedule of shows and acting gigs, she finished her

Maura Kennedy

Maura Kennedy

album in the autumn of 2009, “Parade of Echoes”. Indie pop is a genre of alternative rock music. Having an independent approach is fulfilling in many ways as it can be used in many aspects, not just through music, but through fashion. Maura expresses herself through her music and shares with the world what she wants to say through her lyrics. Her individualism is also portrayed through her sense of style. It is about making a statement and being whoever you want to be. It is about passion and freedom. As shown in the pictures, Maura represents her individualism and true character through her choice of attire. She is seen to always be dresses in a variety of prints and textures. Her style is very bold and unique.

The first thing that may pop in your head is where to start. Well any clothing article will work for this look! A summer dress of different styles are great because they can be worn all year round and can be worn so differently. Perhaps try a simple style or one that’s trendier with prints and texture. Shirts shirts shirts! It’s for sure all about the design. From long sleeve to short sleeve to no sleeve, find some that have an interesting look and stand out. For pants, well…here we have a variety to pick from. Skinny jeans or leggings can be worn with anything. Leggings come in many textures and colours. Sodepending on what mood or style you wish to try, pick what fits to that! Layer a dress and a jacket with leggings or perhaps just a simple top with a pair of them. Jackets play a big role in an outfit also. She is seen wearing many different styles. From Short to blazer cut to very long. They are also not your typical monochromatic colours, as they are to be in colour. Not only that, but they are also of different textures. So when you go to pick out an jacket to go with your very trendy outfit, try velvet or sued or even corduroyed material. The texture will definitely add a nice touch to the outfit. Finally, the outfit is almost complete! All you need are a nice choice of accessories and shoes. In achieving Maura’s look, accessories add that final touch. She wears much simpler jewellery such as a pearl necklace or jut a simple chain with a pendant on it. Simple costume jewellery will work the best for this look!

So if you like to stand out, then achieving this look is definitely for you! This look is all about colour, layering and a sense of difference. Her style incorporates all the favourite pieces-sometimes in one outfit! Now one may think to go about having this look will cost a fortune, when I fact it doesn’t! It can be put together in an affordable way just by going to your favourite stores and picking out pieces that you like and say something about you. The trick is how you chose to put the pieces together! Experimenting and having fun because that is what fashion is about-experimenting and putting together what you though would never work!

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