Rebecca’s Creations…Design and Mode for the Indie Music Scene – Lindsay Ell

Rebecca Nobrega, HorizonVU Music

Rebecca Nobrega and “Rebecca’s Creations…” is a bi-weekly column. Rebecca was born in Toronto, Ontario. Her interests which include marketing, design, and of course, styling. She keeps a close listen and watch on the Indie music scene . She loves working and strives for success.

Lindsay Ell is a sensational Country singer who started young. She is a fellow Canadian singer, guitarist and songwriter. Her music catches

Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell

the attention of some of biggest names in the industry. She was discovered by Randy Bachman at the very young age of 15! He heard her demo CD and a strong musical relationship was developed. Through him, she recorded her first album called, “Consider This”. Her scenond album “Alone” were followed. Throughout her singing career, Lindsay has had the pleasure to work with many other artists such as John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Lisa Hewitt and many more. Owing to her exceptional performances she was featured at the 2010 Winter Olympics, Juno fest in Calgary and Vancouver and to many more events. Her music is about emotion and soul. She does it not for the sake of doing it, but because she wants her music to mean something - that is her form of self individualism. Her success is ongoing and she continues to write and work on new music.

Country music is, generally speaking, Folk music. It is a universal genre that is put in song by many talented musicians. As far as style goes, it has to resemble that genre and the artist’s personality. The country Style may have a “typical look”, but it should never be worn to the way someone says to wear it-no style should! Along with any other fashion, it’s about incorporating a personal touch and letting the world know how you stand out amongst the rest. As seen in Lindsay’s pictures, one is able to see her choice of clothing. Her style is country meets Indie and she rocks it!

When it comes to fashion, one of many thoughts that run through one’s mind is the cost. I believe that to achieve that high end look, you do not high end clothing or anything that is overly expensive. Any look can be accomplished in an affordable way. Artists starting off or even people trying to imitate a look may not have a lot of money to spend which is why they find what works and achieves what they want without the outrageous spending. Also, what you wear should represent who you are and embody one’s confidence. Seeing as Lindsay’s look has a country meets Indie feel, one is able to construct many flattering outfits. For the country clothing style, the advantage is that it is versatile, comfortable and affordable. From vests, leather chaps, oversized belt buckles and an endless supply of boots, this look is in and entirely fashionable. Something as simple as pairing up a pair of denim blue jeans with a tasteful array of western shirts makes for a very country chic outfit. Some popular western shirt styles include embroidered shirts with front pockets and long sleeves. For a more genuine look, one can wear stripes and checks. For evening wear, the addition of rhinestones jazz it up! For the more indie look, tanks or loose off the shoulder tops would definitely work. Flattering simple dresses fit this look as well, as they are versatile. These pieces can also be paired with any jean or pair of leggings. Leather jackets are a pieces every one should own! They add character to an outfit and they come in many styles and colours. To achieve Lindsay’s multi look, piece together clothing from each style to how you like it and guarantee, you’ll have an incredible outfit as the end result. Accessories and footwear are big components to any fashion. Leather boots add edginess and can dress up an outfit. It can also add casualness depending on the style and colour. Also, a flat shoe or wedge is good for this look as it adds a sense of simplicity. Scarves are also accessories that could be worn. Lindsay is seen wearing them as well. Play with colour and pattern, anything goes! Over all, these outfits should not be over the top, but more neutral and simple. Again, as far as finances go, the clothing needed to achieve a look does not need to be expensive. Stick to your local stores and put pieces together that work for you because in the end, it will provide the same look. Remember, add your personality to an outfit and be brave!




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