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Rebecca Nobrega, HorizonVU Music

HorizonVU Music is extremely proud to introduce Rebecca Nobrega and “Rebecca’s Creations…” , a bi-weekly column. Rebecca was born in Toronto, Ontario. With this new column, she is moving forward with her career interests which include marketing, design, and of course, styling (Rebecca is the daughter of famous stylist Sandra Hamill). She loves working and strives for success, but has other interests in fashion and music.

Crissi Cochrane is an Indie musician who started at the young age of six years old, when she first stepped foot on stage. She started under the

Crissi Cochrane

Crissi Cochrane

name of “Save September”. She released her very first record as a senior in high school in 2006 called, “Bathroom EP”. The album happened to be recorded on a laptop in the bathroom of her family’s home. From that point on, over 600 copies were sold both locally and internationally. With her complex guitar work and gentle melodies, she is able to capture the essence and foundation of talent. Ricky of UK Blog writes “Every track on Darling, Darling is a vehicle for Cochrane to display her exceptional talent for accompanying quickly and canny lyrics with beautiful musicianship…”. Since the starting point of her career up till now, she has received only positive feedback as she catches the eyes and attention of many listeners around the world. If she continues in this promising career path, she will achieve the success that she deserves through her constant determination and strive.

Indie music is an independent approach. It is very similar to the Indie style of clothing. Whether through ones sense of style or through their music, they are able to embody and put forth their individualism. It offers the opportunity to create your own style and be whoever you want to be. It is about passion and freedom. As shown in the pictures, an individual is able to see how Crissi represents her individualism through her choice of attire. She is seen to have a signature look always using an assortment of prints and textures. Her style is very tranquil and sweet as she uses neutral and softer colours.

Many people including artists that are just starting out wish to achieve a certain look, but may not have all the expenses. As a solution to this, one is able to do so but in an affordable way. To attain the “Indie Style” like Crissi has or a more Indie rock feel, there are many ways to do so using basic non expensive clothing. First off, what you wear should represent who you are and tell a story. Self-expression and confidence is key to not only have this particular look, but any look. Perhaps tees with witty sayings or prints would definitely work. Also, baby doll shirts or flannels. Flannel is the epitome of the Indie style. Floral dresses fit this look as well, as they are versatile and can warn all year round.

Any of these pieces of clothing can be paired with a nice pair of trendy skinny jeans or leggings. Blazers, cardigans and even vintage leather jackets would allow for not only a changing look to the outfit, but is the coming to the completion of it. Accessories and footwear are big components to any fashion. An Indie person should have an assortment of eccentric jewellery. Some footwear that one can wear is moccasins, a leather pair of boots or a pair of converse. Each style of shoe adds a different touch to an outfit. Moccasins are

Crissi Cochrane

Crissi Cochrane

more of a casual look, where leather boots add edginess and can dress up an outfit. Converse are a world wide known shoe that can

add quirkiness to an outfit along with making it casual. Jewellery allows adding colour and interest to an outfit. For the Indie style, you can go from a chunkier look to a more natural look such as hemp bracelets for example. Messenger bags also add a nice touch as they are convenient to put what you need in them and they come in many colours along in leather. Scarves are big key accessories for the Indie Style. Play with colour and pattern, anything goes! Also, sunglasses such as the Ray bans Wayfarers or aviators add a touch of celebrity mystery. Over all, accessories definitely complete an outfit and tie it together. Whether it is the clothing, the footwear or accessories, it does not have to be designer. In terms of money, the value may be lower purchasing at a cheaper more local store, but in terms of the outfit, the end product is just as effective and provides the same look. Attatched are some sketches that I have drawn that may he helpful. Just remember, be brave enough to be who you are because that is the most important factor to achieve the Indie Style.

Crissi Crochane is a very talented artist with a great sense of style. Be sure to visit her at:

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