NP Pfeffermann and HorizonVU Music Announce Cooperative Agreement for Innovation Communication

Phil Cartwright, CEO HorizonVU Music

Nicole Pfeffermann, recognized expert in innovative communication, and I are very pleased to announce that NP Pfeffermann

Nicole Pfeffermann

Nicole Pfeffermann

Consulting and HorizonVU Music have agreed to a cooperative relationship for the development and exchange of services bringing together NP Pfeffermann Consulting’s services facilitating idea/innovation diffusion and HorizonVU Music’s commitment to provide business services to emerging musicians.

This relationship combines the know-how for creating new ideas and knowledge as well as strengthening reputation and the innovative capability of artists and collaborative networks in the long-run with the expertise required for marketing and promoting emerging musicians as well as directing their careers.

In fact, Innovation COMmunication (ICOM) plays a key role in communication management of your artistic endeavor. NP Pfeffermann Consulting services offer innovative strategic management concepts, communication plans, and tools to support communicating your innovation portfolio/clusters and strengthening innovative capabilities. This also implies building up an open communication and innovation culture to strengthen your collaborative networks and strategic assets in entertainment industries.

In addition to leading NP Pfeffermann Consulting, Nicole Pfeffermann is Assistant Professor of Strategy & Management at ESG MS in Paris. She has been a Postdoctoral Fellow at Jacobs University Bremen, Department of Systems Management. Her work covers the areas of strategic communication management; innovation communication; entrepreneurship; and arts, design and organization. She has international work experience as a consultant with Fortune 500 companies. She has a deep interest in fashion design, arts, movies as well as music.

HorizonVU Music focuses on providing services to emerging talented musicians These services include marketing and promotion, publishing, and in some cases, production and management. HorizonVU Music supports rock, alternative, and folk music.