From Sex In The City to Nip/Tuck, Meet the Famed – Madison Park

Madison Park "I Stumble, Fall" Photo: David Rams of David Rams Photography

Meeting and speaking to Madison Park came about through a high school friend of mine from Hamden High in Connecticut, Ruth Arotsky. Immediately Ruth told me about Madison Park knowing I have heard their music, which includes music heard in favorite movies and TV shows I have come to watch.

Speaking to the Madison Park duo, they have what is Creative Control – a valuable asset in the music industry. Famed for house music and electronic, we’ve heard them in a remix of an excellent creative track called “The Look of Love” in the movie “Sex in The City”. It was a decade ago where the duo Madison Park met and immediately complimented each other in song writing and music. Both Multi-talented in voice and instrumental, they captured their influence from a band called Roxy Music – of which topped the Billboard Dance Charts.
The popular and famed Madison Park is also known for a product found in Whole Foods as well as other stores – a product called SavingOpusOne. That is where Ruth comes in, Ruth also knows I love Soy Products as I mentioned to Madison Park in our conversation. That is where I learned about SoyGo.

Asking Madison Park how they came about to knowing my friend Ruth,“In the beginning we met Ruth through our music” said Madison Park. Madison Park concluded, “We became fast friends with Ruth – discovering we both shared the same passion for fighting factory farming. Together, we created an anti-factory farming product called SavingOpusOne and later incorporated so we could produce SoyGo, a vegan, travel-size creamer that has now made its way onto shelves in various Whole Foods as well as other stores”.
Getting back to Madison Park’s music, they are in current production in the studio working on their 4th full length album, which is expected to be released November, 2011. But let’s take a trip and go back to where their first three full-lengths were born and famed in the music that is included in their first three full lengths – Boutique, In the Stars, and Another Yesterday. They also released numbers of singles in between each full-length, quite a few of them have charted on Billboard Dance Chart.
Madison Park also mentioned on March 1st they are releasing: Madison Park “I Stumble, Fall” The Beechkraft Mixes – which can be found on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Beatport, and more. It is a digital-release only. Beechkraft is one of the many international producers they work with.
While best known for their Billboard Dance Chart hits “Ocean Drive” and remake of Roxy Music’s “More Than This”, Madison Park is a down-tempo duo who launched their record label, basicLUX Records in 2002 and produced a series of compilation CD’s, (amongst them the New Sound Theory series).
When Madison Park released their debut full-length CD, Boutique, in 2004, the first single from the album entered as Hot Shot Debut on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart peaking at #12. In 2005, their remake of Roxy Music’s “More Than This” also charted on Billboard. In 2006, the pair released their second studio album, In The Stars, where “I’m Listening” became their fourth Billboard charting track with “My Personal Moon” being the third.
In 2007 Madison Park produced remixes for Sony Legacy’s “Remixed and Reimagined” series. The first album in the Legacy Remixed series was released by Sony BMG. The collection is comprised of songs by Nina Simone and included remixes by Coldcut, Francois K, Chris Coco and Tony Humphries where Madison Park teamed up with a well-known producer.
“The Look of Love” is found and heard in the 2008’s Sex And The City movie and soundtrack. Madison Park also produced for Sony Legacy; Billie Holiday’s “I’m Gonna Lock My Heart”, which was released by Sony BMG on“Billie Holidays: Remixed and Reimagined”.
The Madison Park remix appeared in an episode of Nip/Tuck in 2007 as well as appearing on dozens of compilation CD’s. After appearing in various TV shows and networks such as Castle, Brotherhood, Nip/Tuck, A&E, Fox, MTV along with releasing many CD singles in between, Madison Park also released their album, Another Yesterday, in December 2008. In 2009, two additional singles were released from the album that includes “Come Out And Play” and the title track “Another Yesterday”. For those who love heavy dance radio and club play, you already know these tracks. Climbing the dance the charts once again – their latest single, “I Stumble, Fall” is strong both in the US and abroad, “I Stumble, Fall” is the first single from Madison Park’s fourth upcoming full-length due late this year.
At the end of our conversation, they are more than “Cool”. Excited at the thought that I have heard their music for a decade, brings life a new sound and feel in house music and electronica – The Madison Park Style. Madison Park is a constant move forward Creative Control - with more to come. Their taste in simplicity is what fames them most. Fans across the U.S.A craze and thrive over Madison Park. Both found in major label and digital distributions, their collaboration goes international as well.
Madison Park has a series of music out there; however, here are a few that is being included in this column:
Madison Park “I Stumble, Fall” Official Music Video:

Madison Park “I Stumble, Fall” Beechkraft Radio Edit:

“The Look Of Love”that was used in Sex and the City movie and soundtrack:

Single “I Stumble, Fall”

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