Laura V and LA Velvet: “ The One I Love “ a Chart Worthy Collection of Sassy Vocals, Punchy Guitar and High Energy

By: Phil Cartwright

We’ve been listening to Laura V and LA Velvet for quite and still love to spin ‘You Got The Looks That Kill” from the group’s first album “Pure, Sexy, Loud Rock n’Roll” – gets the blood surging. Laura V and LA Velvet are all pop rock, they’re hot, and they deserve your attention. Just released, “ The One I Love “ is a chart worthy collection of sassy vocals, punchy guitar and high energy. There’s no doubt that this threesome can rock and be as brash as any girl band on the planet, but they also know the meaning of melody and can deliver on catchy tunes.

It’s in that spirit, we go with “Here In Holloywood”. True to the rock sound, the track works with Laura V’s breathy vocal. It shows that the group knows how to slow it down and deliver on melody. Next up, “Set Me Free”. It’s still pop rock , but gets us thinking electro club mix. This one is snappy and it’ll make you get up off whatever you’re sitting on and move. Third, “Don’t Push It” takes us right back up with bare-bones rock.

The music really matters to Laura V and LA Velvet. “The One I Love” has great energy – we say “go for it”!

Track List

You Make My Heart Stop Beating

Down and Dirty
Don’t Push It
Here In Hollywood
The One I Love

Set Me Free
Last Night
Boy Toy

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