Phil Cartwright of HorizonVU Music Tells Us His Venture & The Foundation He Sets for Rising Recording Artists Worldwide

Phil Cartwright of HorizonVU Music
Is The Solid Foundation for Music and Recording Artists Worldwide

By: Stephanie Griffin - Staff Editorial
VentureOut! Publications, LLC

Phil Cartwright
Phil Cartwright began his journey in and entertainment dates since the 1970’s. His foundation in non-commercial educational radio in Chicago is where he launched his career, beginning as an engineer then moved forward as a political news writer and talk show host. “My first music programming was for a jazz program (avant – garde) – Davis, Coltrane, Monk. From jazz I moved into pop rock and folk” said Cartwright.

When Phil moved to Texas, he continued in radio, getting a heavy dose of country from recording artists such as Charlie Pride, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Reba McEntire. After completing his Ph.D in economics, he gripped both moved academics and music in Athens, Georgia. Phil taught at UGA, where he became regular at the famed “40 Watt Club”.

For several years, people consulted Phil in the industries of specialized consumer products, entertainment and technology and marketing strategy work. In 2009, with the consulting business in somewhat of a difficult period following the Enron scandal, he made his return to the entertainment business.

However, his exposure to “big labels” lead him discouraged by the fact that, first and foremost, the mainstream industry seemed possessed fighting a losing battle against technology. Owing to economic austerity, the days of finding emerging artists and helping them to grow came to a standstill. But the mission in Phil continues through admirations that inspire him most. “I always had great admiration for Sam Phillips and the spirit of Sun Records. Another has always been Bill Graham. More recently, my friend, Paul McGuiness has been a source of inspiration” Cartwright emphasized.

Phil Cartwright and HorizonVU Music, the key to introducing emerging music artists, of which also gains them a boost in recognition. The power of the Internet and social media expanded more of that reach to music lovers and recording artists - resulting in a more powerful tool for the artists that go through Phil Cartwright’s expertise and strong background for artists’ exposure, management, tech sounding recognition and more.
The birth of HorizonVU Music complimented with social networks with articles of reviews and interviews placed on the HorizonVU Music web site, easily found in the company’s blog at .

A demand of recognition began for established recording artists and those who are infants in the music industry, leading HorizonVU Music teaming with Venture Out!, Publications, LLC - that is home based in Connecticut, USA - also known as Venture Out! Online Magazine. With VentureOut! Publications and its associated cooperative publishing relationships, the distributing of news, reviews and interviews on the music scene is also read by readers in the United States and Europe. Columns of which are found in the VentureOut! Publication’s, LLC archive site at and monthly issues easily read online, exposes those in the music industry all the more at – of which HVUM has a placement in the monthly online issues, delivered by Phil Cartwright.

HorizonVU Music, HVUM, represents the combination of of hopes and dreams for recording artists in a dynamic changing view toward the future, which can be attained – with the love of music. The HorizonVU Music brand stands for honesty, professionalism, and execution. A serious company, that also we also bring excitement and fun to the business. The company’s main focus on music provides viewpoint – their VU-point (that is, Volume Units), which enters into a Horizon, leading artists at a compass to them. “As entrepreneurs with a passion for music, we provide services to talented musicians and customers searching for talent. These services include marketing and promotion, publishing, and in some cases, production and management. HorizonVU Music supports rock, alternative, and folk music”, said Cartwright.

HorizonVU Music - in focus, promotes events in France for artists such as Maura Kennedy, Katrin, and Matt Turk. When asking Phil the reward he feels in this business, he answered – “I suppose the brightest side of the business has been meeting some great people and (hopefully) lending a hand in career development. The tough side has been that relative success in the music business takes a lot of support from an active following – from blog contributions to going live –and, yes, money to invest. It’s been difficult times for the world economy, the entertainment business and HorizonVU Music. Never-the-less, our spirit remains strong and we stick to our mission. We’re constantly on the look-out for new artists and affiliation opportunities”.

Coming from VentureOut! Publications and its contributors, they take pride in having a cooperative contributing relationship with HorizonVU Music as well. Having professional writers who contribute to Venture Out! Magazine Online and “Maggie’s Corner” - noted as a journalist to local and worldwide celebrities, pleases her to know that those she interviews in the music industry also has an appearance in recognition on the HorizonVU Music web site. Knowing the business herself, she does feel strongly that during these economical struggles, recording artists who are famed or in the beginning stages should take the growing opportunity through HorizonVU Music and the services the company offers for professional artists in the music industry.

Visit HorizonVU Music and Phil Cartwright at:

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