Inside the Heart of IRENA HART

Inside the Heart of Irena Hart
Special Edition

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By: Maggie Della Rocco Griffin

Irena Hart
The Rock Star Experience
Previously we published Irena Hart - "Going Beyond The Dance Floor" when recording artist and model Irena Hart takes the move further and moves it "On The Dance Floor" in her upcoming music video, a song featured in the USA Show "Burn Notice". To include her hit song "Heart Strings", she is keeping even more busy with organizing a devotion to World Peace.

 Let's take a visit down the Heart in Irena Hart in below video:

Click Below to view the web site to the show "Burn Notice" - where Hart's song "On The Dance Floor" is one of many featured songs on USA's - Burn Notice

Irena Hart
Irena Hart visions the world as a better place when people like herself keep positive energy in anything they do or are challenged with, resulting in transformation through a positive change that will reflect and change the lives of many people in all walks of life. Irena’s mission has no end. She is flowing with positive electricity, bringing out the engineer of change through her music. She enlightens the threshold in those that stand beside her as she in her entirety will walk beside you as a guide in what an inner whisper, such as hers, can do to make a difference in one’s life and another’s. As Irena is about to go on tour, her energy, charisma and vocals speak a clear influence of positivity in the change she makes for others. She walks Bermuda Road and on that road are the footsteps of what transformation is through Irena.

Irena Hart - Live in Concert
Irena has a visible personality and brand. Through her steps, she has been a freelance reporter for Oasis TV, a Los Angeles based Time Warner Cable TV network. We also saw her floating around on our TV sets and radio stations, appearing as a musical guest on WPKN, WICC, WVOF, SIRIUS Radio, Alive with Clive; and many more. We saw Irena featured in the October 2008 issue of Better Health and Living Magazine as well as the Connecticut Post. She is the song writer for the theme music on a TV show called “Touchstones”, of which she also hosted. Irena also wrote and recorded the theme song “It’s Our Turn” for the Boltwic online community. Additionally, Irena composed and recorded the Harmony4Kidz theme song, “Save the World”.

Irena Hart in Concert
Currently, Irena and several other people starting to sing at the same time - the Beatle's song - "All You Need" is Love for no other reason than World Peace. "I am in process of recruiting more and more fans and friends all over the world to join in", Said Hart. Her goal  is to have 6 billion people by 2012 to sing the same song at the same time all over the word. Diving into doing a live steam, Irena said will come - but the first day was completely a breathtaking experience for her and many others.

Update for - Irena tells us looking back at the H4K tour from 2010 those three locations were the most popular using the 80/20 rule - Irena concludes "We can spend more time at each - do more shows - create more of a fan base - three great places for music". Irena is the Founder and President of Harmony4kidz - for more information please visit  

Watch the tribute video to and for Harmony4kidz:

Irena also plans going out to San Francisco the week of May 21 to participate in the Conference for Global Transformation, that's where the first tour was announced last year.

In Center - Irena Hart
"This year I am in process of seeing if we can have the entire conference sing All You Need is Love at 11am pacific time (2pm NYC time) by then we should have a huge momentum going with this initiative", said Irena Hart.

But that's not all - Irena Hart - writer of the book "Bermuda Road" is in the process of discussion with a screen writer about incorporate it into the feature film.

The below links is where you can order the following of Irena Hart:

Amazon book, Bermuda Road -

Rhapsody -

You may also order a limited edition of either the book, Bermuda Road or a hard copy CD of Heart Strings autographed by Irena Hart by emailing her directly at

emusic -

napster -

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