Getting to Know Nashville Singer-Songwriter Callaghan Smerek

By: Phil Cartwright

Fifteen year old Callaghan Smerek showed her first musical sign as a newborn, imitating the sound of the car beeper. On pitch. She started writing songs when she was 8. The first one was called Fractured Fairytale. She eventually found a piano teacher named Greg who taught her to dig deep and tap the music in her soul. Realizing that it was too heavy to carry a piano on her back, she strapped on a guitar one day. Callaghan really started to rock. She asked for a microphone for her birthday and began to sing. Her musical worlds began to collide creating a unique, passionate, young artist. Practice takes up a lot of time. So does writing her own songs. Every night, before the lights go out, poetry pours from her heart. Callaghan has a voice that touches people. She was born to fill the world with music.

First of all, she points out, the “g” in her name is silent! Her favorite colors are purple & yellow and she loves sparkles!! The INCREDIBLE Anita Baker is my godmother. She thinks baby pigs are the cutest things ever! No matter what color nail polish she wears, it’s almost always sparkly. She tells us that she could talk before she could hold my head up.

She’s serious about her career. She’s a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and a member of the Nashville Songwriter’s AssociationInternational (NSAI). We’re pretty sure that if you locked her in a room with a guitar for a day, she’d probably walk out with 50 new songs. When you ask her for her favorite song, she goes on for days because - can never come up with ONE.

What else. If she could, she’d have a grand piano, a studio, a keyboard, a stage, and a closet of guitars in my room. She’d turn her piano into a bed at night!!! ”Music is the best thing that ever happened to me. Every night before I go to sleep, I pray for world peace. I think Kelly Clarkson, Teddy Geiger, Joss Stone OneRepublic, BeyoncĂ©, and Led Zeppelin are phenomenal … and she thinks (and I think we pretty much agree with her) The Beatles is the most amazing band to ever walk the earth. Well, guess what her plan is…with a big smile she tells us… “I wanna be a rock star!” Be sure to visit Callaghan's page at

Here's Callaghan’s vid “Do You Believe in Magic”!

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