For the Love of a Pet Parrot: Unconditional love…

 For the love of a pet parrot: Unconditional love…

By: Concetta DellaRocco Ferragamo

There is a fairly old saying that seems to be quite famous although, the author is unknown, “This life is for the birds!” Who are we to disagree, certainly not the millions of parrot owners across the United States? Parrots are wonderful pets that can actually talk back to you. How wonderful is that? There is nothing like a genuine, “I love you” first thing in the morning - no matter how bad you look or how bad your morning breath is. The unconditional love from a pet is most amazing and genuine affection.

Parrots are the pets with the fourth highest intelligence level. There is years of research and documented proof of how parrots can actually understand and communicate with us humans. Dr. Irene Pepperberg from Massachusetts has written books on this topic. It is amazing! When we take time to teach our human children they become more intelligent. When we take time to teach our feathered children (fids) they too become more intelligent.

Parrots are extraordinary entertainers! They laugh, sing, talk and perform tricks. They are easy to maintain and they eat basically what we humans eat. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to a parrot. There is a silly video that lacks better audio and captions to go along with it. These are my silly parrots and their goofy antics. Pay close attention. My Amazon, Lemoncello, sings well and sounds exactly like me. At times I stopped singing and he started. I held my mouth as if I were continuing to sing. He jumped in and then stopped. Lemoncello decided that he was going to get me to sing for him. All of the parrots were talking to each other and the parrots behind the curtain were talking as well. The camera didn’t have a proper lens that could show you all exactly what was taking place. These fids were off the cart goofy that day! Please note how often Lemoncello tells me, “You do it.” He was trying to get me to sing. Parrots, their personalities are enchanting…

Dr. Pepperberg’s YouTube video proving parrot intelligence:

Concetta DellaRocco Ferragamo’s parrots:

Concetta’s baby macaw, Vino!

Concetta DellaRocco Ferragamo

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