February is for lovers!

February is for lovers!
By:  Lisa Rini

Lisa Rini
Lisa's Beauty Counter
 As we enter my favorite month, February, my birthday month, we also celebrate Heart Healthy month, Valentine's Day, as well as chilling temperatures. What do we think of when we think of our Valentine?? Kissing!!!

During the winter months, our lips get chapped, dry & peel. One way to elevate that is to exfoliate them. Also a great way to age defy!
You can do that very easily with a soft toothbrush, (designate a special one for your lips). Ever so gently, rub your lips for a few seconds with a dot of toothpaste on the brush. Rinse your lips and then apply a thin coat of Vaseline when you are through. Doing this once a week will keep your lips free of dry skin. If you are looking for a product that does the same thing, Mary Kay has an amazing product in Satin Lips (c) Set. It buffs away the dry skin, then moisturizes. I am a religious user of this product, it also keeps your lip gloss or lipstick on longer. I am obsessed with lip gloss!!!
So to celebrate Valentine's Day, treat your valentine to some super soft lips!!
Thanks for welcoming me to this great publication. Like I told a friend, "I'm just a regular chick who enjoys feeling good and looking my best (at least most of the time)!!!"
Hopefully you will enjoy reading my ideas, suggestions and advice on looking good, feeling good & just having fun!!!

Till next month.....keep smiling!!!