Honor Society makes Anthem tree lighting "fan"tastic

By: Lori Kurowski

Honor Society's new CD Fashionably Late,is available on iTunes NOW!

Photo: honorsociety.com

The band "Honor Society" was on hand Saturday night for the Anthem tree lighting. Singing songs from their newly released Fashionably Late CD, they had over 12,000 fans on their feet.

The band was in Anthem to help celebrate the lighting of the tallest tree in the Nation. Fans drove from all over the state to see the band perform.

During the performance the band announced that a free daily down-load is available at their website ."FASHIONABLY LATE" is in stores and on iTunes NOW!!

The band can be reached at: 315.849.3471

Official Twitter Page: www.twitter.com/honorsociety

Members of Honor Society:

Michael Bruno - lead vox/guitar

Jason Rosen - keys/vox

Andrew Lee - bass/vox

Alexander Noyes - drums/sampling

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