Recording Artist - Irena Hart - Goes Beyond The Dance Floor

By:  Maggie Griffin

Irena Hart is a combination of Pop Music and Dance that brings the message across of what  heart and care can do to make a difference.

Born in the Ukraine, Irena moved to the United States when she was 12 bringing with her The European perspective, which as a song writer and music performer, she remains as a fresh influence to her audience. While she is not on tour, she returns to her home in Connecticut where she focuses on her creativity in her work, writing, songs and whatever else strikes Irena Hart. Her ultimate inner being is to follow your dream, a personal being that is in the heart of Irena, a being that breeds on other performers who watch her perform and follow her success.

Irena was raised in a musically talented family. She has become the example of keeping the treasures and gifts close at heart, which is what she is most grateful for in her own life. Irena took a turn in a career as an engineer when she came face to face with a challenge on Bermuda Road, a place she knows, a place she received her inspiration of turning to the personal avenues to follow her dreams. Irena Hart is a Music Machine that makes a difference and sets the example.

Through Irena’s experience, her challenge transformed the way she is making a difference through her music. She published a book called “Bermuda Road”, dedicating this book to the homeless and the children, which is her mission on making a difference. Currently Bermuda Road is in the screen writing phase for an upcoming film. It is an amazing story of transformation and inspiration that Irene heard in a whisper when she came face to face with her challenge. “Everyone has a Bermuda Road in their life, my experience compelled me to take a different turn through my heart and my courage”, said Irena.

Irena visions the world as a better place when people like herself keep positive energy in anything they do or are challenged with, resulting in transformation through a positive change that will reflect and change the lives of many people in all walks of life. Irena’s mission has no end. She is flowing with positive electricity, bringing out the engineer of change through her music. She enlightens the threshold in those that stand beside her as she in her entirety will walk beside you as a guide in what an inner whisper, such as hers, can do to make a difference in one’s life and another’s. As Irena is about to go on tour, her energy, charisma and vocals speak a clear influence of positivity in the change she makes for others.

Irena has a visible personality and brand. Through her steps, she has been a freelance reporter for Oasis TV, a Los Angeles based Time Warner Cable TV network. We also saw her floating around on our TV sets and radio stations, appearing as a musical guest on WPKN, WICC, WVOF, SIRIUS Radio, Alive with Clive; and many more. We saw Irena featured in the October 2008 issue of Better Health and Living Magazine as well as the Connecticut Post. She is the song writer for the theme music on a TV show called “Touchstones”, of which she also hosted. Irena also wrote and recorded the theme song “It’s Our Turn” for the Boltwic online community. Additionally, Irena composed and recorded the Harmony4Kidz theme song, “Save the World”.

Irena Hart gives us Behind the Scenes in the making of the video "On The Dance Floor". The Video/Photo shoot was completely a “take you all the way” experience.  Otis Sallid, the art director who worked with Michael Jackson projecting his creativity, took this video to high lengths through his direction for the photo shoot that was done prior to Irena flying out to Chicago to do an appearance.

Irena’s song “On The Dance Floor” was just played on one episode of the show Burn Notice on USA. Her first single, Heart Strings, released in 2009, became a hit single for Irena while the video for “On The Dance Floor” will be released in 2011.

Let's go behind the scenes in the making of the video "On The Dance Floor". Watch video below:

That’s not all; Irena will be making more videos through her new business called “The Rock Star EXP.” Going beyond Bermuda Road, Irena is traveling more avenues that leads her and her fans toward exciting new dimensions. Creativity flows through Irena Hart where a formation of the Irena Hart’s art is personalized with her stamp of charisma, increasing her music and performance in the charts. Irena’s diversified talent in music and performance is an uplifting experience. There is no doubt through Irena’s vocals, style and positive energy, the flow of Irena Hart steps forward in control of sounding, revolving the core of change in Irena, leaving her one of the best top independent artists in the industry.

Irena’s passion for Harmony4kidz continues. Harmony4kidz was created because there is a need she saw and continues to see when she meets homeless children. Since, Irena's dedicated work for Harmony4kidz gives her another way to make a difference in helping these children through her resources, talents and intensions. For that passion Irena holds close to her heart, she is making more of a difference for all the children through Harmony4kidz, she is the inspiration they see, which encourages them to follow their dreams. Stemming back from 2003 to 2006 when performing in several areas, which include Union Square, is what gave Irena the inspiration to write the song “Save The World” for Harmony4kidz.

Irena doesn’t consider herself the next “Mother Teresa”, but she is certainly gifted in several areas of her excellent talent as a recording artist, song writer, writer and model. She rewards the feeling of making a difference for others, giving her a personal deliverance and purpose in the world. This is the reason that drives Irena to keep going beyond “Bermuda Road” and “On The Dance Floor”.

“The 2010 tour for Harmony4kidz was a huge success”, said Irena. Spreading the word of her passion for Harmony4kidz has given Irena the beginning in discussing the idea to create a CD for Harmony4kidz. “From the East Coast to the West Coast, the children were simply ecstatic when the Harmony4kidz tour took place. The cause is a life changing experience”, Irena emphasized.

Irena Hart is traveling every avenue beyond “Bermuda Road”. With her charisma, style, vocals and dance through “On The dance Floor”, she is also working on new material along with an upcoming album called “Just Me.” Irena's athletic side keeps her in training to run for half a marathon. Her successful growth is, and continues to be, an establish growth. With her first single “Heart Strings” released in 2009 and the video “On The Dance Floor” coming out in 2011, there is no stopping Irena Hart.

As always, for me, it is much fun along with rewarding to talk to Irena Hart. That's why I invite you to check out the music video for her first hit single "Heart Strings" below along with taking a visit to Irena's web sites below this video.

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