Filmmaker Phil Scala “Shotgun Venus: Shooting the Video for Red Headed Boy”

By: Phil Scala, Filmmaker

There are times when making videos I have had to perform alchemy ‘turning shit into gold’ this was not the case with Shotgun Venus and The talent was there, the song was cooking but to get this show on the road I had to dig deep and find the Vampire slayer/ Lion tamer within.

Daylight was obviously a mystery to these twilight dwellers. It was a mid morning start the sun radiating in through cracks in the sheets over the window I’m sure had the Drummer Steve’s skin smoking. Just as I was thinking did I need a crucifix in came Anna. My first impression was what a sweet girl – followed swiftly by my second impression which was is there a chairand a whip? Rock chick divas don’t play with dolls they rip your head off and spit down your throat. Ok – it was time to shoot, lights, camera, crucifix, chair, whip, where was the Bass guitarist Herman. I’m sure he didn’t just walk in – but glide in on an invisible skateboard but hey I’m shooting a video everyone was in place lets do it.

They played like demons possessed performing the whole song brilliantly on take after take after take. There was no need for any special effects to cover the gaps wherever I pointed the camera I was getting magic, I let the energy drive the edit, I kept it pure with no dissolves or effects just straight cuts which resulted in a great piece of work.

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