Social Networking Ratings Do Matter!

By: Maggie's Corner

In the 11th hour, managing your reputation in social media delivers a transparency that allows the viewers to unveil on all matters that mean most to them. But what does the picture represent? Some being outrageous, where the smoke of a picture may just tag a headline, drawing your reputation in social media away from viewers. Yet others seem to absorb what draws them to the same connections the most - simply by not wasting a minute of wasting the time of the viewer.

Wisdom and knowledge takes another new level in social media rankings. Rather than hiding your online identity, take what promotes you in networking a product or brand, target areas of specialty by delivering your niche to your audience. Remember there is the rub in a simple status. Being a great networking marketer has no comparison on being a knowledgeable networking marketer. Keep in mind that 85% of businesses reach their target audience by on-line marketing, not just by social networking, but by marketing a web site that presents a brand through social networking; calling today’s technology the era of social networking intelligence that is building amongst the “Social Networking Capital”.

I posted a status that stated “I enjoy watching the sharks swim”. What is really meant by that is “who is watching who” and “where are they getting their status comments from”. By posting the status I posted about my enjoyment of watching the sharks swim, it did strike the interest of those connected on my private facebook page. The most recent status I posted was “You haven’t lived until you get chased by a duck”. Forty six comments under that one, all relating to a duck. My point being is in the minds of the receiver of my status messages, they pictured sharks and ducks. Combine the two, both are found in water.

The example is: using marketing techniques in social media networks is important. Paint the true picture of your marketing brand. Do not confuse personal comment status placements on the same page of marketing your brand. Many status comments are not worth the time of day unless you can phrase intelligence and wisdom seriously. It is impossible to mix a page where one may want to market their business and personal comments together. The result is the receiver absorbs a mass confusion about what it is exactly you are trying to say, sell or brand. By separating the two, it allows instant connections to those who participate in intelligent contributions simply by thinking before they write.

If I take my personal page, it’s more on a personal note where I can connect with those in my personal life. But when I take my marketing page, headliners increase my rankings. It’s a fact. Know your market, target it with proper spelling, and display who you are and your expertise. Most important, don’t be a duck watching the sharks swim in the water. Meet exchange and communicate. Separate personal from business at all times.

In reading status messages, there are two that do capture my humor side the most, break-ups and sarcastic comments. My advice to those who are posting love loss messages, adopt a dog or a cat, than you will have unconditional love. My advice to a race car driver whose father said “Race like I am chasing you with a booger”, don’t quit your day job. A “booger” is not a word of intelligence, yet it is profound as a noun to the receiver, not found in the dictionary. The meaning to the receiver is a nose picker who chases people with bacteria found in a nose.

If you want to find success in marketing through social networking, separating the personal from the brand is important to increase rankings. Remember, RSS feed is found under a Google search with everything you write. I am no social scientist, but I do absorb like a sponge, especially in marketing and finding my niche when branding a product. However, reading some of these status messages, that humor me, leaves me the feel of comfort knowing there is life on Mars.