Darren Kramer of Connecticut, His Commitment and Reasons That Makes a Difference in the Help To Find a Cure For MS!

WTNH News Anchor - Darren Kramer Makes a Difference for MS!

Darren's commitment toward Finding a Cure for MS is partial to his heart and the hearts of thousands. Darren's mother-in-law battles the unpredictable and potentially debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis. Combined with over 6,000 Connecticut residents, like Darren's mother-in-law, the number of people diagnosed with MS increase, leaving them to also live with this disease.

Darren joined the movement to move research forward toward better treatments and a cure! That's why he is riding with with Tara Liscombe and her team Tara Lynn for Bike MS,Cardio Express Ride! See Darren in the video below talking about Bike MS and why your support matters.

Darren registered for Bike because his commitment does make a difference for people with MS. Currently, there is no cure, but MS researches are working hard, resulting the chance of a cure getting closer than before. Sponsoring Darren will help his commitment to the Fight To Find a Cure for MS, now and for future generations to come.

Click Here: Join Darren's Commitment and Make a Difference Toward The Fight To Find a Cure for MS. You can also make a donation toward Darren's goal for the National MS Society, Connecticut Chapter, along with joining him in Making a Difference.