Electrically Sounding with Relaxing Tone – RISA HALL

By: Maggie Griffin

Risa, who was born in Forest Hills, Queens New York, went to school with a group of friends who became the Ramones. Her brother continues to play in Joey Ramones’s brother’s band, the Rattlers, with Mickey Leigh. Both Simon and Garfunkel and Leslie West were also alumni at her school. Risa’s roots remain embedded within the corridors of Forest Hills High.
Risa has been seen onstage in the Broadway Cast of ‘Grease’ as Frenchy. She also performed with Sinitta, in Gratuitous Sex, in Violence and in Good Old Rock and Roll in the lead role of Clarissa Charleston. Straight plays include Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Joe McGann, William Gaunt and Julie Graham. Risa’s voice over’s include Red Dwarf, Stuart Little 2 as Margalo , El Cid, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Timesplitters2, Edge of Chaos, Radio 4 and many corporate works.

The BBC have called Risa’s material “lyrically courageous, musically eclectic moving compositions performed with genuine inspiration”. Risa has appeared on BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC Radio Nottingham. She has been performing on both sides of the Atlantic , ( in the UK and New York), both as a Headline act and supporting well known artists such as Nerina Pallot, Alice Gold, James Apollo and Jess Klein.
“The Grail”, its lyrics and sweet flute with Risa’s vocals is why it is the New Age-y. But take the perfect Risa Hall with “Candy Coated Hell”, it is a strong match because of her vocal style in performing this soft rock tempo.Risa has released her debut album Glass Half…? on May 22. The album was produced by Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, The Waterboys, Joan Baez ) and features Paul Burgess (10cc/Jethro Tull) on drums/percussion. It has been received warmly. The Musician have said: “ Risa shows an unwavering command of her talent, which bodes well for her future” and the Music Fix wrote: “Risa has a lusty, Broadway babe voice and can really belt out the tunes ala Bonnie Raitt or Vonda Shepard. Take the bluesy ‘Can’t Take Away’ with its icy cool piano or the breezy ‘Shooting Stars’ which work well with her powerful alto. The songs have an easy primetime feel to them and you can imagine them playing in the background in shows like Ally McBeal or One Tree Hill”.om Queens-born singer for such a punchy vocal style. A promising debut album then from an aspiring singer songwriter that will no doubt please those who are in the market for feel-good tunes to wind down to after a long day the desk.

Her song, “Roses” has a sweet sensation which eases into the heart of her sound. She takes her music to a dimension where all the energy of song is absorbed. Born with the gift to deliver a song, she rises to her performance, strong without limits.

Risa Hall brings out inspiration through her sounds. A rising star, she knows exactly how to deliver each song to her audience with emotion and passion. Her debut album expresses the meaning of winding down so sit back, relax and grasp the sound of Risa Hall!

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