Connecticut Native: Singer/Actor/Rapper/Performer - Dean ‘HB’ Vitale Coming to Toad’s on July 21st!

Hip Hop, R&B Artist Dean 'HB' Vitale is in town!
By: Maggie Griffin

Since 8 years old, Wallingford, CT’s Home Boy, Dean ‘HB’ Vitale, has jammed to his own rhythm and moves, using his style that has lead him to performing in a fame of the hip hop R&B of today’s generation. Now releasing his newest CD “Take You Away and Spandex”, produced by Big Fish Productions and Harry Coyners in New York, will be available very soon at Best Buy along with iTunes.

“Dean is a large part of The Showcase Best Buy is promoting for the new, independent artists”, said Jennifer Vitale, Dean’s Mother and co-manager. “Baby Come Over” and “Hey Girl”, Dean’s 1st 2 hit singles produced by Hit Shack in North Carolina, made it’s rank, played on radio stations such as Paper Chase Radio and DJ Cal from Long Island, NY.

When he’s on stage, he admits in “Baby Come Over”, produced by Brian Morgan, he’ll make you want to stay and enjoy the ride”. He’s ready when it comes to moving to the rhythm and the beat on stage, knowing exactly how to make his performance worth everyone’s while.

In 2009, and again in 2010, Dean performed at “The Giving Back to the Community Festival” located in Nice Town Park in Philadelphia, Penn. He continues to make headlines when he made his performance a thrill at the Texas State Fair.
On June 26, Dean participated in The African International Festival for a new line of jeans called Adinkra, where he also made a special presentation, giving flowers to The Queen Mother of Guyana. Following, per the Queen Mother’s personal request, Dean performed for her.

Because Dean has a heart for charitable causes, he will be making special appearances for “Paws for Claws” for Animal Rescue on July 25th in Brooklyn, NY. Recently, Dean returned from Murfreesboro, TN making an appearance for The Quiet Storm Benefit, a cause founded by NBA Player C.J. Watson to help underprivileged children. “I am partial to charitable causes because it makes me feel great knowing my music benefits to help people in need by bringing communities together, which is a reward to me in my heart”, said Dean.

Dean ‘HB’ Vitale is also going to be in the Broadway Show “Dancing In The Streets”, based on The Jackson 5, Dean will be playing the role of Jackie Jackson. With Dean’s voice, charisma, moves and vocals, he is a mirror image of a Jackson. However, when sitting with Dean, it’s almost like talking to Will Smith. Ironically, Dean’s next goal is to audition for “Men In Black III.” In my opinion, he’d get a part in a heart beat.

Dean’s Biography stems from the age of 3 months old when he was signed with A+ Models and did many print jobs through his childhood. He also was featured in commercials, following taking time of his own from both and focus on his love of basketball.

When Dean received an MBOX2 when he was a child that is when he knew he can be just like the people who have influenced him, those people are Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight and T-Pain. He started to write lyrics and compose his own songs. His Mother, completely in amazement, with the help of one of her friends, Sean (a.k.a. SWISH), Dean became known as Lil’ Dean who wrote the song “BIG POW!”
With Dean’s dance moves, his techniques in his steps grew stronger through choreography by taking dance lessons at various studios.

Because his mother, Jennifer Vitale owns Jamz Studio, Dean then started playing around with Beats and Lyrics by getting involved at her studio. His involvement grew to a higher length with the performance group, his family and friends became privy to his talents; which is the platform of what encouraged Dean the most. Now, in his older teen years, Dean has taken “HB’ to the next level. Connecticut Native, Home Boy Dean ‘HB’ Vitale.

You just may see Dean looking right at you in a picture at a PCX clothing store. When you see his pearly white smile and sophisticated look, look out for his new CD “Take You Away and Spandex” for sale at Best Buy.

Just take a look at a few of what his fans are raving about Dean:

Dean is such a great singer! When i seen him singing for the first time I was thinking wow he’s really good for his age. My mom got a cd of him singing and she loved it that she wouldn’t stop playing it , dad said he’s good how old is this guy and mom said 15 or 16 and my dad said WOW he great fantastic for his age. That’s why you got to love Dean.

I just wanted to let you know that you are package deal!! I am thankful that I had the opportunity to hear you perform at the All White Affair and was in complete amazement!!I truly believe just by watching you that you are going to go far in life; so enjoy the journey and stay positive..Cant wait to see and hear more from you and I know my 13 yr old daughter will be a HUGE fan of yours!!

Dean, I cannot believe I am writing on your page. I am a mom of a 13 year old that has sat and watched your videos over and over again on "You tube" since she seen you perform in the mall. I was not there but from what I understand you are the next best thing. We recently downloaded two of your singles on ITunes and now I know every word. Thank you for singing respectable songs. We are wondering if you have an album out we can purchase or were we can see you perform again?

For Bookings:
Carter Management
C/o James“Prez”Carter,Jennifer Vitale
(212) 860-3639 11a-7p
Big Fish Productions/Big Fish Records

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