Ann’So M. – Powerful and Moving Music – Saturated Guitars Mix with Her Beautiful, Warm and Textured Voice

By: Phil Cartwright

I remember very well, how I first came to know of Ann’So M. At the time I was doing consulting work in the biz for a previous employer (yes, life before HorizonVU Music) and I was making a concerted effort to bring myself up-to-speed on the emerging rock and alternative scene in France.

Now, arguably, hours on MySpace and Facebook might not be viewed as the best way for an experienced consultant to be spending time – but we do what we need to do…In the process of my search I came across Ann’So M and her first eponymous CD.

First, and I have to be honest, she has a totally awesome look about her. Second, and more to the point, rock or ballad, her music is powerful and moving - saturated guitars are mixed up with her beautiful, warm and textured voice.The melancholic lyrics dealing with themes such as the constant craving for freedom, the nostalgia for childhood or the inexorable passage of time always sound accurate and true.

Singer and songwriter Ann’So M. was born in December, 25, 1981 in Caen (France). At an early age she began, she began her studies in the Conservatoire where she learned dance, music theory and piano. Her passion for music grew, and she decided, after her baccalauréat (General Certificate of Education) to follow her passion as her profession. Since the age of 15, she has been working on her multiple studio recordings. She started on stage with her first band and the Europe 2 Campus Tour awakened a true pleasure for being on stage. The attraction for the public, the need of exchange and complicity…she cannot live without it today!

For many years now, she has been part of the scenes such as Le Réservoir, La Scène Bastille, Le Cargö, L’Exo7, Le PetitJournal Montparnasse and many others, performing first part concerts for famous rock bands Luke, Dolly, BB Brunes and Mademoiselle K.

She has participated in several TV and radio programs (Europe 2 TV, Europe 1, France 3, NRJ… ) A massive presence on the web (on Myspace and Facebook!/annsom2?ref=ts as well as her own site makes her very accessible on the Internet.

Her new album “Pas à pas” (”Step by step”) is energy – always with a conscience – hard hitting as “Paris” and “Wake Up” – or melodic and warm as “Save the Day”. Lyrics oscillate between an incitement to awake consciences and more poetical ballads. Thanks to her meeting with Louis Bertignac, she has recorded “Je ne veux pas être celle”, arranged, mixed and played at home by Louis Bertignac himself. For those of you not entirely into the French music scene – Ann’So has started singing in English as well as French – even die-hard anglophiles should check out Ann’So M.

You can see Ann’So M. in Paris July 28 at 8:30pm – July 29 at 12:00am at Le Réservoir 16 Rue de la Forge Royale 75011. Find “Pas à pas” and download links at SHOP HorizonVU Music and listen on Fréquence Orange .

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