Sizzling and Raving Rock and Moving Music Performer: ArleneWow!

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Sizzling and Raving Rock and Moving Music Performer: ArleneWow!
Visits Wallingford, CT for an exclusive one on one interview with Maggie’s Corner.
Critics Love ArleneWow!’s CD “The Red is Becoming” which features her song “Lullaby” for the upcoming Film called Viola.

By: Maggie Griffin

Born with the passion in music performance, ArleneWow! developed her passion in music entertainment since the age of 5. From playing the piano and guitar, she would perform upon personal requests from neighbors. Her determination at a young age in making sure she delivered what her audience wanted, left her mother looking for her for hours every time she was asked to sing. By the time she reached her teen years, she was already performing in bands, creating her own style in theory, writing her own songs and melodies, sounding perfectly to those who listened to her.

Growing up, her older brother gave her the gift of introducing her to all genres of music, becoming her inspiration. Her style falls between Sheryl Crow and Melissa Ethridge with a lot of Heart. “My favorite genre is Rock” said ArleneWow!. She concludes “One of my favorite bands is HEART”. It is no wonder critics rave ArleneWow! with vocals that reach higher lengths in her music when she is on stage performing, strong in strumming that guitar, moving her audience to a WOW dimension.

Being the lead vocal guitarist in a Heart tribute band called “Little Queen”, she knew her days will branch to performing in groups such as “The Unexpected” and “Milk”. ArleneWow! doesn’t skip a beat, keeping her passionate style, leaving her audience at a WOW. Combine the two, we have ArleneWow!

ArleneWow! is featured in an all original CD in 1997 called “The Unexpected”. Her CD released in 2008 “The Red is Becoming” features a song that has been recently selected for an upcoming movie called Viola. This song is called “Lullaby”. “The Red is Becoming” is still circulating by the thousands featuring more songs that are familiar and played on radio stations and she performs them at her concerts.
That’s not all; her upcoming CD called “Dirty Road Home” will be released in the summer of 2010. The song “The Dirty Road Home” is featured in an online novel written Pamela Redmond Satran, called Ho Springs.

ArleneWow!'s live performance is described by more music critics as a positive uplifting sound where she can get her audience emotionally charged up. Her song “Wrong Side” has been awarded by Gary Allen’s Nashville as well as 2 consecutive Top 10’s for the songs “Breathe” and “The Flesh”. In 2008’s Hartford Advocate, ArleneWow! was nominated for best solo artist. “The Dirty Road Home” will be featured in a new online Novel written by Author of New York Times Best Seller “How Not To Get Old”. Back in November/December, Arlenewow! was seen in the front cover of CT’s Women’s Journal as she is a famed music performer who’s native home is Connecticut.

ArleneWow!'s performance at The Glass Onion Café in Tucson, AZ. Arlene, accompanied by Tucson’s own Shanti Foster on mandolin and violin, rocked the house with Sizzle heat.

ArleneWow!’s music is currently being played on Homegrown WESU 88.1FM Thursdays 4pm-5pm , Grandma’s Attic Show WCNI 90.0FM, University of Hartford, Ct. WWUH 91.3FM Thursdays 8pm and internet station Women Of Substance HOT AC Show Wednesdays 1pm-3pm

See ArleneWow! peform this summer live in Connecticut. She is making special appearances at:

Rory's Wed, June 23, 9:30pm – Thu, June 24, 12:30am - 416 Post Road Darien CT

June 25,
Get Loud
Hosted by: Victoria Rivas
Performance poetry followed by an Open Slam. No entry fee. Worthless prizes to be awarded to the winners. To sign up early, email Victoria; Music by: ArleneWow!
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Krishna Hayes
Three J's - Joseph Serrano-Hernandez, J-Quan Towns and José Muñoz

The River House Bistro & Tavern Thu, July 1, 7:00pm – 10:30pm - 299 Riverside Drive Westport, CT

Gouveia Vineyards Sat, July 10, 4pm – 7pm - 1339 Whirlwind Hill Rd. Wallingford, CT

La Vita Gustosa Sat, July 17, 9:00pm – Sun, July 18, 12:30am - 9 Main St East Haddam CT

To stay on touch with ArleneWow! upcoming concert performances and to purchase ArleneWow!’s CD, visit or

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