Make Up Artist to Celebrities: Daughter of a South African Movie Star; Debra Lee Davidson reveals Her Inner and Outer Beauty of Inspiration.

Make Up Artist to Celebrities: Daughter of a South African Movie Star; Debra Lee Davidson reveals Her Inner and Outer Beauty of Inspiration.

By: Maggie Griffin

Debra Lee Davidson, born July of 1967, grew up in the media spotlight.

Debra is the eldest daughter of Madeline Usher, The Glamorous South African Movie Star, Model and Beauty Queen and Father Marcus Davidson, an astute and Successful Businessman. Coming from an influential and privileged background, Debra was raised with faith, love, discipline and concrete family values. Debra is the culmination of 2 extraordinary parents “Although I have been around the media most of my life and was in front of the camera from the day I was born. My parents instilled respect within me and raised me to operate from my heart”, said Debra. Debra is an inspiration to all who interact with her. She enlightens the riches in oneself.

Debra is often requested by many celebrities to be their personal make-up artist. A few of which include: Stephen Spielberg, Fergie “The Dutchess of York”, Kirste Alley, Rosanna Arquette and Amy Brenneman. For the past 21 years Debra has been involved in the entertainment industry and worked on numerous feature films, TV shows and commercials. Her extensive resume includes “Indictment” with Oliver Stone, “American Beauty” “Nurse Betty” and “Four Christmases” “Judging Amy”, “Joey” “What about Brian” “The Office”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Dancing With The Stars”. She has also done numerous media appearances with celebrities for various talk shows including: THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW”: “The Jay Leno Show”, “David Letterman Show”, “JIMMY KIMMEL” and various media and charity events for Fergie “The Duchess of York”. Debra has also had the honor of making many celebrities look glamorous prior to the Golden Globe awards and The Academy Awards. The list is extensive, and why? Because I can tell, just by talking to Debra that she is a professional at heart which truly defines her as one of the top make-up artists in the world.

Debra is a positive influence in the lives of many. Although separated by continents, she treasures family values and appreciates the privileges she has been exposed to in life. Her parents and her siblings are her foundation. Talking to Debra, I can sense her kindness and the transparency and love in her heart and soul for many, appreciating life at its best and what life’s true gifts are. She loves to live and laugh and have fun. Her appreciation for the finest gifts in life is an appreciation for all living things. A nature lover at heart, she admires animals of all species and spends much time on Safari in Africa. Her treasured dog “Jet” is never more than a few feet away. Debra believes in creative visualization and the importance of having a vision and manifesting dreams into reality, Debra has recently become passionately involved with an exciting company outside of the entertainment industry called REVOLUCION WORLD WIDE that is impacting and changing many lives. Debra is excited to impact millions of lives as the company launches internationally.

Debra’s strength of character and inner Faith is what she credits for reaching all of her goals in life. Debra clearly emphasizes: “It’s our actions and deeds that show who we are and what we believe. I believe in G-D with my entire being. Faith is what sustains me”. I have spoken to Debra several times on the phone and by email, admiringly telling her I can speak to her for hours. I see the benevolent nature within Debra. Debra sets an example of personal inner peace, creating inner beauty as well. You cannot help but be inspired by her confidence and inner strength.

Debra holds the upmost respect and adoration for her family. Debra’s words: “My goal is to impact and make a positive change in many lives”. Debra added; “I absolutely adore and respect my parents. Their essence and love continues to inspire me. It is all they instilled within me that made me who I am today.”When I asked Debra what her Secret Ingredient is that brings out her life’s inner and outer beauty, she told me in one word “G-D”.

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