The Process of Thoughts

While many get caught up in the trap of thoughts, we need to keep in mind that many individuals reach within our own history having the same thoughts in common; hopes, strengths and challenges. Each of us encounters life events, life changes, life experiences. It’s called our own life’s journey.

Taking the opportunity in telling your own story of experience in your life’s journey is a powerful tool in making a difference in society itself. We see this everyday on social networks like Face-book, Twitter or MySpace. To include; talk shows, news, best selling autobiographies; even on Reality TV. I find it compelling how many of us think the same thoughts, yet in a different way of experience. But rest assured, it defines who we are and what we stand for.

However, in social networking, people get what they post. For example social network postings should be kept in a clear perspective where you are not differentiating yourself, but clearly posting positive thoughts where it can empower another’s view.

It is fascinating to hear people talk or write their experiences, whether those who listen stay neutral, or those who have something to say, whether they like you or not. The bottom line is who cares what others think about you or someone else in a negative way. Negativity from one to the other just takes another minute of wasted time that proves to be useless. I can see why Social Scientists use the term emotional intelligence; which is the best way to describe one’s ability to connect with others. Positive thinking is the best option for anyone. It is also the best way to help you reach your goals and positivity is also known as a way to reduce stress.

There are thousands of people across the world who feel when learning from another’s experience; they felt gratitude just by listening. Taming what one fears can be confusing, frustrating and at times a risky process. However by compliments after complaints, anyone can come up rising in a learning spotlight just by listening, understanding, educating and trust building.

We all know that everyone wants to be heard in one way, shape or form. But when they are not heard correctly by another, leaving a state of confusion, relationships can quickly erode because of lack of understanding. Listening is the most important factor whether the person is a friend, relative or someone who does business with you. Just to listen should not be considered a passive activity. Active listening requires probing, that is asking a variety of questions, to understand what is being asked of you or educated to you while listening with a clear and open mind.

Trust is what I would describe watching and observing where we, as humans, can feel 100% positive when earning the knowledge and experience of another just by knowing how well one feels they were listened to by another. Everyone deserves a level of trust, it’s called reinforcing one self’s brand as a person.

Target your message, strive for quality, simplify your experience and stories while consistency of the thought process from one, becomes the opportunity to listen, learn, understand and trust another’s experience. That is a part of making a difference.