Two Young Women and Their Dedicated Mission to help Haiti

Two Young Women's Dedication and Mission Helps Haiti

Kim Cornell, a 2007 graduate of Eastern; and Chelsea Reilly, who will be graduating Eastern this year, are two Women who left Connecticut on January 3rd, with 8 other students, for Haiti to volunteer at an orphanage. Enjoying their purpose in why they both took this opportunity to volunteer as they are two humanitarians at heart, they both grew concern about the children, however, both did not predict the devastation that was about to happen in Haiti; an earthquake.

Chelsea returned to Connecticut within 3 days prior to the earthquake in Haiti, while Kim was still in Haiti during and after the earthquake hit.“I was emergency evacuated from Haiti on Friday morning, and left behind 134 orphans with no food and water, and absolutely no aid. The name of the orphanage I volunteer at is Christian Haitian Outreach located in Mariani-Carrefour, right at the epicenter where the earthquake hit. The devastation is unimaginable, and there is no aid reaching the orphanage. The second level of the school collapsed, and the other buildings have not been assessed yet in order to know if they are safe enough to live in. The orphanage is in dire need of repair, and funds for food and clean water. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated;” said Cornell.

“We are currently meeting with several organizations to get the children out of Haiti as the compound of the orphanage is in trouble. There are thousands of survivors that are in desperate needs of medical aid, food and water”, both Reilly and Cornell emphasized.

Chelsea Reilly and Kim Cornell are devoting themselves to help the survivors and the children of Haiti. Since the tragedy, both women eat, sleep, talk and walk everything about what happened in Haiti and how desperate Haiti needs YOUR HELP. Please help Chelsea and Kim, two humanitarians, with their mission to help the people of Haiti.

Kim Cornell strongly emphasized "we plan on going back in May and reconstructing this orphanage and helping out in any way possible. When I was at the epicenter of the quake, almost 3 days after it hit, still there was absolutely no aid. It trouble me greatly how the news is portraying these Haitian people as animistic-looting and trampling each other, when in reality, they are the most kind hearted, sweet, welcoming human beings. We are just taking way too long to provide relief."

Please visit to learn more and help anyway you can. I commend the dedication and bravery of Kim and Chelsea, two young women who are humanitarians on a mission dedicated to help those in Haiti.
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