The Face behind Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate Robert Fiore

For over 4 years, Robert Fiore has dedicated to bring awareness in Connecticut on behalf of those with Epilepsy. Bringing Epilepsy awareness to a higher level, Robert’s web site was officially launch in November of 2009, this web site is This web site has been growing since and is updated weekly. Robert encourages people world-wide to submit their experience to post on this web site. "It is amazing what can be learned through sharing real experiences from people who have Epilepsy, even those who are related to family members with epilepsy or have friends with epilepsy",said Robert.

Robert, now 55 years old, is a role model to those who have epilepsy. Since he was 9 months old, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, leaving his life’s mission to help others with epilepsy as well as their family and friends. The web site, along with the Facebook page called, Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate, brings awareness and attention along with links to valuable information to gain access to resources for help and assistance. Robert Fiore is registered with the State of Connecticut as The Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate, Inc. The organization’s purpose will keep the provisions and requirements of Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended in 1986, as amended.

Why is Robert dedicated to bring awareness about epilepsy? Because having epilepsy, Robert knows, along with others, the importance of bringing the awareness of Epilepsy to the Public. He is available at all times, bringing support to individuals with epilepsy and their family along friends. “I will gladly speak to anyone who has epilepsy or who has a family member or friend with epilepsy, helping them anyway I can. If there is something I do not know, and trust me I do not know it all, I will do my best to find someone for them to provide the information they need”, said Robert.

Robert has many sources from information, links, and transportation, along with personal stories, support groups, events, glossary of terms and more on his web site. The Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate was formed as an alternative organization to make more people aware about epilepsy. Robert has set goals to focus on the many facts of epilepsy not currently explored to their fullest. Those facts are: testing, medications, N.I.H funding, support groups, senior scientist, junior scientist, HOPE mentoring, research dollars.

Felicia North, who met Robert a few years ago, stated it is excellent to find another web site source of information as Robert’s web site is not connected to the Foundation’s site. Louise Harris considers Robert as one of the key peoples in the state in bringing the awareness about epilepsy as her daughter has epilepsy as well. Louise Harris founded the support group for epilepsy in Stamford, Connecticut.
Here is a fact – an average of over 3 million people in the United States has the epilepsy disorder. I feel it needs as much funding and attention as with other diseases with similar numbers.

As Robert Fiore’s dedicated mission to help others, I stress more people need to become aware of epilepsy. I admire what Robert is doing to bring this awareness out in the open to raise more awareness as I told him that I have relatives and friends with epilepsy as well.

The mission, the cause and the courage is what defines Robert Fiore. Robert strongly emphasizes; “The objective of the Connecticut Epilepsy, Inc., is to assist individuals afflicted with epilepsy and their family or friends. We help the unique needs encountered by those with epilepsy, sharing experiences of all aspects of daily living, providing information about where to find services and support.” Robert includes; “there are support groups in Connecticut located in Milford, Bethel, Middletown and the newest location in Stamford, Connecticut.”

Robert has traveled a long journey as one with epilepsy. Since he began his mission to bring awareness, he has captured the eyes and ears of others in a large fashion of attention. He has been seen in articles in several sources. To archive these articles, you can review them as follows: written by reporter Pam McLoughlin in The New Haven Register on November 9th of 2008 and again on November 10th 2009, another written by reporter Devon Lash in The Advocate on June 13, 2009. You can view on under the key phrase “Robert Fiore Epilepsy” to view the videos when Robert appeared on April 12th and 13th, 2008 advocating on Cablevision’s 12 on Health along with his first interview about epilepsy on Fox 61 in November 2007.

It is an honor for me to interview and speak to Robert Fiore, reporting the word of awareness about Robert in his mission, an awareness to bring more awareness about Epilepsy to more people in CT and world-wide. To include announcing who is the face behind Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate, Robert Fiore.

“It is important that more people become aware about Epilepsy everyday along with November being Epilepsy Awareness Month”, said Robert Fiore. Robert can be emailed at