The Delicate Touch in the Art of Delicious Delights

Jennifer Charbonneau, a native of Hamden, CT, brings more to the talent of taste when it comes to creating and baking delicious delights. She presents her passion in the art of her own creation of desserts, an art that is one step ahead about food and baking.

Her passion in her desserts melts the taste buds of everyone who enjoys the grand finales of her baking. From tortes to wedding cakes, choices of flowers and icing, the flavor that is within the exteriors of Jennifer’s creations, delivers the true abstract vision of what one expects when choosing that perfect choice of dessert after an evening of fine dining.

Jennifer’s baking talent came to her interest at the age of 14. “During my senior year of high school, I knew, without doubt, I wanted to attend the best culinary school there is”, said Jennifer. After she attended an open house at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island a few years ago, her decision to study the arts of culinary became an instant decision for her to attend that school following high school.

She is strong about her passion in baking, and her passion brought her to explore many ventures in her creation of all types of desserts. Learning and knowing the art in culinary from the bests of chefs who taught and guided her in delicate delights, Jennifer compliments the finest chefs she learned from while attending Johnson and Wales University. “These chefs come from a variety of backgrounds, countries and cultures, brining their heritage in fine dining and dessert menues of choices to the table of those they teach. They serve as the examples of inspiration for the art in culinary through their hard work and dedication”, Jennifer stated.

Proud of her baking talent, she especially enjoys creating plated desserts. Jennifer emphasized; “The entire concept of creating and baking plated desserts is amazing. Introducing the variety of elements to people is rewarding to me and to the people who enjoy eating the actual desserts that go on the plate”.

Her desserts range from different types, styles, colors, heights, shapes and taste. Jennifer defines the true art in fine desserts, an art of choices I am certain many restaurants will want on their menus of choices. I am proud and honored to witness and taste Jennifer’s delicious delights. I find she explores every aspect in her baking. While she continues her education, passion and inspiration as a student of Johnson and Wales University, Jennifer also serves the example of creating the finest desserts that is what I consider “America’s finest in delicatessens”.

Jennifer smiled when she stated; “As with any career, you have to have passion and love for what you do. My passion and love is baking the finest desserts there is. I am inspired by Chef Giada DeLaurentis and Colette Peters, two of the finest names in the culinary industry. I think about them when I create a new dish of desserts”. Colette has the best bakery in New York City that is completely amazing.”

Out of all the desserts I sampled, Jennifer Charbonneau became the top choice for me to interview, leaving her my choice of the best in baking classical unique desserts, along with beautiful in creation that catches the eye, giving her a reputable title called “Jennifer’s delicate delights”.

Any restaurant or bakery that hires Jennifer to bake her finest desserts will add more classic in fine dining to their menus. One thing is certain, I certainly will be where Jennifer bakes, with others, to enjoy one of many Jennifer’s fine creations to serve as the perfect polish after a fine dining meal.