Adventures in Traveling To The Unknown

It became obvious that many people knew about my trip to the NTDC. The NTDC is a National Competition where Professional Drivers are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge. My husband, Tom, was amongst those drivers, again. I must say I am more than proud my husband came home as one of the champions. Supporting him in this competition was an experience as he was lucky number 7; Tom is on the course. My use of Pom-Poms, Duck Horns and Rattles obviously did not distract him. So that is a good thing.

Watching the competition was very rewarding. Staying at the Westin was filling as every night there was a dinner function that was attended. But, who did I meet when I was there? I met professional drivers across the country of whom many were excited to be there for the first time along with those who were there multiple times. Taking a trip down the Allegany River one night singing and dancing on the boat, it’s a good thing I only drank diet soda. However, although I had the pleasure of “hanging out” every evening with this man who looked like Tommy Chong, it made my nights filled with laughs, hoping I make my wake up time for the next day of the competition.

But another evening of another dinner function, along with meeting so many people across the country, to my surprise, there standing in front of me was a Legend of Football, Franco Harris, who is #32 of The Pittsburg Steelers, a Champion of Champions, cheering on the Drivers. Had I known this, I would have had my hair done and fix my make-up as every day and every night there was a schedule to follow.

Like the evening I spent with Ryan Cabrara 4 years ago, teen idol and music performer, prior to his performance at Toad’s Place, here is the bottom line to meeting these people we know as famous. They are human beings like the rest of us. They set an example of reaching goals to achieve the possible. We all know anything is possible if we really focus and put our minds into a frame of thinking that we shall never give up any dream we have. All it takes is a dream and the courage to make anything happen.

I do want to thank Denny Hamilton for allowing me to sit on the hood of his race car and take a picture. There was no way I wasn’t going to go home without one. Watching him lead the convoy parade at the end of the competition was thrilling as behind him, a pre-arranged state trooper was flashing those red and blues.

You see, opportunities come when one strives in earning to achieve them. And with that being said, discipline in oneself will bring success in any venture. Success comes to those who reach for those goals through dedication. If you reach, you will achieve. It was my pleasure to watch my husband achieve another success in victory through his skills, knowledge, dedication and self discipline in driving, taking his job very seriously. It was my honor to meet the people I met and spoke to along the way. These examples only prove that destiny is not written, it is in the palms of our hands.

To conclude, what is it like to live with a Professional Driver? We go through a lot of tires. Road safety is something my husband promotes and lectures. Most of all, through these competitions, it’s not about winning, it’s how you compete on a professional level when showcasing the skills, safety, knowledge and dedication anyone, in any field, competition or game are trained to exercise. This is another example of earning opportunities. Just like football and running those yards to score a touchdown, as Franco’s determination, skills and knowledge proved when reaching that goal for the Pittsburg Steelers. Or if not done with caution, as Tommy Chong would say “Dude, who called the cops”.
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