Live in Interview with the Famous Vocal Performer on The Saturday Night Live Band: Christine Ohlman

By: Maggie Griffin

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Ric Kallaher
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For years we know Christine Ohlman, lead vocals on the band for Saturday Night Live. And for years her fans grew by the thousands, growing to love her in voice, talent and performance. And with Christine being a native of Bronx, New York, she was born to Rock n’ Roll with a lot of Soul.

Coming from a musically talented family, she began to tune up the volume since she was a toddler. Amazement by her riff, Christine states “My parents were my inspiration through their encouragement to my siblings and myself in the music industry. Coming from a musically talented family and background, in the early 70’s, my brother and I had a band and made our first recording”.

At the age of 17, “Wake Me, Shake Me” was Christine’s first release, breaking the top 100 in singles. Amongst being the lead vocals in the band on Saturday Night Live, Christine recorded 6 albums, which includes the new release of her newest CD “The Deep End”. Christine feels strongly when she stated; “I love my fans. Their support means everything to me. What I do in the Music Industry is for them.” Music to my ears when Christine told me how much she loves her fans and what her fans mean to her, as I have been a fan of Christine Ohlman as far back as I can remember.

Christine’s new release of The Deep End with Rebel Montez is:

Christine Ohlman – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar;
Cliff Goodwin - vocals, lead guitar;
Michael Colbath – bass, vocals;
Larry Donahue – drums, percussion

Christine is proud to be with these excellent performers as they too are well known names in the music industry. All of them combined are Rebel Montez.

Christine Ohlman is still the current and long time vocalist, with the Saturday Night Live Band, who sang in their 25th anniversary telecast, Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary bash at The Garden with George Harrison and Chrissie Hynde. Christine, the queen of blue-eyed rock n’ soul , also made her special appearance at the 2009 Obama Inaugural Gala in Washington, DC, The Lincoln Center “American Songbook” series with Sting and Lou Reed. That’s not all. Christine Ohlman’s performances with many others in the music industry, draws her fans to her like a magnet. Christine will tell her audience, “I’ve come here to set your souls on fire”. With Christine’s Saturday Night Live “Swine Fever”, Raves for Re-Hive, interviews with the New York Times, this Beehive Queen also Rocked Elmore Magazine. Shall I mention Rolling Stone as well? She is everywhere.

Members of The Rebel Montez are the most valuable people to her as for her new release of “The Deep End”, which is available on sale now. Along with Christine’s long standing history in Rock n’ Roll, she is deep in Soul with the members of Rebel Montez.

It is a pleasure to introduce and give you a glimpse along with the names you already know. The members who work with Christine Ohlman and Rebel Montez are:

Cliff Goodwin: He is the legendary New England Rock n’ Roll gods The American Standard Band. Joe Cocker and Robert Palmer called Cliff to be their lead guitarist because of his legendary reputable signature in performance. The music industry fames Cliff; he not only shares the stage, Cliff rocks the House.

Michael Colbath: He is the Jazz at the base of his own rhythm. Known as “Buddha of the Bass”, his stage presence goes deep. With Michael’s fingers at the bass, his performance with Duck Dunn, James Jamierson and John Paul Jones brought his rhythm to high inspirations. He delivers the inspiration in music at its original context.

Larry Donahue: He can beat at 300 BPM. With his coordination beat and percussion moves, he has unshakable timing. A world of inspiration, at LA’s turbulent music scene, Larry has the elegant Stax styling of Al Jackson, Jr. to Wamack’s “Scratchy” and Frank Kirkland’s jungle-drum excursions with Bo Diddley. With Donahue’s Motto “Have Drums, Will Grove”, he is born again every time he picks up those sticks.

Beewiz....where will the Beehive Queen Be Performing Next??? Only one way to find out:


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